A Look Back at Fundraising Resources in 2016

As we wrap up another year of helping non-profits with their fundraising efforts we want to highlight some of the more popular content that resonated with our readers.

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What Everyone Should Know About Auction Items [INFOGRAPIC]

Fundraising Auction Planner [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Ultimate Event Day Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]



Sponsorship Strategies eBook Series

The “Sponsorship Strategies”

Pitching for a Yes, Part 3: Making the Ask!

Pitching For A Yes, Part 2: Developing Your Pitch

Pitching for a Yes, Part 1: Exploring Your Value

One Trick that Guarantees a Sponsorship? LISTENING

Harnessing Corporate Altruism

3 Steps to Timing Your Sponsor Ask

A Sponsor Strategy With Fewer Headaches

Writing for Nonprofits Whitepaper Series

The “Writing for Nonprofits” whitepaper series. All posts encourage downloading the whitepaper

The Perfect Thank You

Writing Emails That Get Opened

Turn a Mission Into a Shareable Story

Major Donors: A Love Story

Developing Your Organization’s Unique Voice


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