Best of 2020 – Resources

At Greater Giving we are passionate about fundraising and with many of us coming from the nonprofit world ourselves, we understand the importance of valuable resources, tools, and best practices. We have compiled some of our most popular resources for 2020. As you can imagine, virtual fundraising events dominated the landscape. Feel free to engage… Read More »

Best of 2020 – Webinars

2020 has been quite the year. Our buzz words around our remote offices quickly became “pivot”, “virtual fundraising event”, and “live stream”. Who knew we’d learn, grow, and create so much positivity in a year that gave us so many unforeseen challenges. At Greater Giving, we had historically planned and set up webinars featuring our… Read More »

Best of 2020 – Blog Articles

Seasons of change. This year reminded us all to expect the unexpected.  Taking a queue from the U.S. Marine handbook, to succeed this year, a non-profit organization had to be ready to improvise, adapt, and overcome any obstacle or whatever situation that arises. As many organizations made the change from traditional in-person fundraising events to… Read More »

Getting the Most Out of Your Year-End Fundraising

No matter the challenges a year may bring, one thing remains the same: Year-end giving can provide the extra boost needed to meet the funding goals we’ve set. Virtual Fundraising Success As a result of the unique circumstances nonprofits have faced during the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has become much more comfortable with online giving…. Read More »

Socially Distant Fundraising Strategies

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a once a year event. There’s another 364 (sometimes 365) days available to get people involved and contributing to causes that are important to them. Finding safe ways for them to donate during COVID-19 is just as easy, too. Creating a comprehensive plan with a series of small fundraising events… Read More »

Tuning Up a Virtual Event

Another non-profit fundraising season is nearly upon us—after last spring’s sudden shift to online events, it’s a great time to review virtual event options to enhance fundraising. The Evolution of Virtual Events Virtual events first came on the scene during the Digital Revolution in the 1990s as a way to connect small group meetings and… Read More »

Make Year-End Giving Simple

It’s that time of year again when nonprofits and schools focus on Year-End giving and #GivingTuesday campaigns. People are busier and more distracted than ever during this time though, so make sure to give your supporters a quick, secure and easy way to donate to your end of year giving campaigns. The easier it is… Read More »

Helping Your Donor Community Host Their Own Virtual “Tune In” Party

Since its inception into the world of nonprofit fundraising, fundraising events have proven to be a great way to bring groups of like-minded people together to create giving magic. Now, with COVID-19 keeping us from large group gatherings, it’s time to review your fundraising options and look for new ways to engage with your community… Read More »

Alternative Virtual Fundraising Options for Year-Round Giving

A non-profit fundraising event, no matter the size, scale, or type, should offer something for the donors to get excited about as they support an important cause. Creating an exciting online environment that encourages giving, while celebrating your community takes a different approach than a traditional gala and silent auction. The sense of community that… Read More »

Feeling Overwhelmed at your Non-Profit Office or at Home? You Have Good Reason

Heavy non-profit organization workloads are stressful. Combine that with the monumental shift in how and where we fundraise caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and you’ve got the perfect recipe for on-the-job burnout. What is Burnout Burnout is caused by excessive, prolonged stress. It can affect a person’s emotional, physical, and mental well-being and is most… Read More »