The Importance of Keeping the Goals You’ve Set for 2020

Fundraising strategies have undergone drastic changes and nonprofits everywhere are turning to innovative ways to continue reaching for their goals. For some, this means increasing their traditional and digital marketing, for others it means stepping into the new world of live virtual events. Whichever method your organization chooses to use to reach potential donors, the… Read More »

Best Practices: Creating a Strong Appeal

Delivering a good fundraising appeal is your avenue to reaching potential donors. Whether your mission is simple or multi-layered, there is a lot to accomplish. It must be broad enough to be meaningful to people from differing background, compelling enough to impact them emotionally, and include an effective call to action that will motivate them… Read More »

How to Engage Guests Before Your Virtual Event

Fundraising season is looking a little different this year, as more nonprofits than ever have turned to holding virtual events. And it’s presenting some new challenges—without the opportunity to connect with your would-be bidders in person, how do you get the word out about your upcoming event? How do you build the excitement and anticipation?… Read More »

10 Reminders for Working From Home

The way fundraising professionals work has changed in a matter of weeks. While there have been plenty of tips shared recently, let’s do a quick recap on some reminders for us working from home during these unique times. This can be a great work alternative for many, transforming your home office into an efficient, personal… Read More »

Information and Tips for #GivingTuesdayNow

A new international day of unity called #GivingTuesdayNow has been scheduled for May 5, 2020. This United Nations Foundation recognized event is meant to raise awareness of the unparalleled global humanitarian needs brought about by COVID-19. It is based on the annual fundraising event #GivingTuesday, an event held every year on the Tuesday that follows… Read More »

12 Best Practices for Procuring Auction Items

Procuring auction items that will draw the most interest at a fundraising auction takes a significant amount of time and energy, but the results can be substantial when you find ones that will raise the excitement level in your guests. When you put your preferred list together, we recommend you follow these best practices. 1…. Read More »

Catlin Gabel School Breaks Records Moving to Virtual Event

When faced with a sudden mandated restriction on large gatherings, Catlin Gabel School, Portland Oregon’s nationally recognized progressive independent day school, moved quickly to create a unique online fundraising event, surpassing goals and paving the way for other nonprofits and schools to follow their lead. Planning for Catlin Gabel’s annual fundraiser was in the final… Read More »

7 Tips for Fulfillment Success

Your donors wait all year to bid on the many great items you have procured for your annual silent auction—both the expected and the unexpected. Keeping the auction filled with packages your donors will be eager to cast their bids on is challenging when you return to the same contributors year after year. We’ve put… Read More »