Set-up Check-in for Event Night Success

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Here’s to setting up your check-in for event night success

On event night, guests want to quickly and efficiently enter your event and let the fun begin, which makes setting up your check-in system is crucial to the event’s success. Here are a few tips and styles to set up your check-in stations for event night, utilizing Greater Giving Auctionpay Card Readers, Mobile Card Readers, and Go Time.

In the “Standard Check-in with Auctionpay” diagram there are 4 check-in stations at tables with seatedStandard Check-in with Auctionpay volunteers. The guests approach the check-in area and there is a volunteer waiting to direct them to the first available check-in station. Check-in volunteers ask the guest for their name locates them in the Greater Giving Software or Go Time and begins the check-in process. The volunteer swipes the guest’s credit card for Express Pay, shares their bidder number, table assignment, and hands them any needed materials. With this system, we recommend 1 check-in station per 100 guests. It would also be wise to have a station set-up or an individual on hand to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

In “Check-in with Mobile Card Readers and Go Time” there are check-in stations at cocktail height tables with volunteers standing to take guests through the process. The volunteers use tablets (iPad or Android) with Greater Giving Mobile Card readers plugged into the headphone jack. These tablets will also need to have the Go Time app downloaded from the apple or android store. A guest will be directed to an available check-in table where the volunteer will ask for the guest’s name. The volunteer begins typing inCheck-in with Mobile Card Readers and Go Time their name into Go Time and takes them through the check-in process. With this set-up you will need at least one laptop station set-up for troubleshooting and monitoring your system.

With either check-in setup, you could have an additional volunteer on hand with a tablet and card reader to help quickly check-in VIPs or other guests if the line begins to get long. Be sure that event night volunteers assisting with check-in have plenty of time for training so they become comfortable using your system. If using Greater Giving Mobile Bidding, you don’t need to give your guest any materials at check-in because their bidder number and table assignment will display on the mobile bidding interface.

There are many ways to coordinate your check-in on event night and these are just a few examples.


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