How to Future-Proof a Fundraiser in 2022 with SeattleLives

Your Presenter: Pavel Verbovski, SeattleLives   About the webinar: How to Future-Proof a fundraiser in 2022 Supporters, donors, and audiences expect flexibility to join your fundraising efforts from wherever/whenever. Not planning a virtual option for an in-person fundraiser in 2022 will be a mistake that can alienate donors and squander opportunities to gather support. PNTA... Read More » Watch the webinar »

Fueling Your Fundraiser with Utopia Entertainment

Your Presenters: Joey Goone, Utopia Entertainment Jarel Loveless, Friend and strategic partner of Utopia Entertainment Supporting Assets: Production Elements Highlight – This quickly showcases various technical production elements that we highlight in the webinar. -Red carpet photo booth + a live stream with step & repeat – all being streamed into the ballroom live and... Read More » Watch the webinar »

Navigating the Hybrid Fundraising Event with Tolo Events

As we move from virtual to hybrid fundraising events, what might our options be? Explore various scenarios of maintaining the best of virtual while re-introducing the in-person experience. Listeners will learn various options for how a hybrid event can be formatted to be engaging for both the in-person and virtual guests. This is unchartered territory,... Read More » Watch the webinar »

Webinar: The Why of Giving with Raising Paddles

The Why of Giving This session will break down the why in giving….why give anything, why give now, and why give to YOUR organization. Once you understand these principles, you can be more effective in donor development. Learn strategies to analyze giving from your donors, with a simple 1 or 2 sentence vision of why... Read More » Watch the webinar »