Get People to Click Donate on Your Website

Have you been frustrated with trying to raise money online?  Have you tried emailing people to get them to give, with few results? How can you get people to click donate on your website?  Listen in as Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising shares how! With this webinar you’ll be able to start to get... Read More » Watch the webinar »

Golf Tournament How-To

Golf events offer enormous potential for raising more funds. During Spring and Summer, there is the opportunity for nonprofits to host Golf-focused fundraising events. 18 holes of Golf offer a great way for donors and supporters to connect while supporting your great cause. Greater Giving is used by hundreds of nonprofits for tournaments and Golf fundraisers every... Read More » Watch the webinar »

School Auction Fundraising Tips

As summer turns to fall many school fundraising groups start to plan the coming year. Kickoff your fundraising year with Greater Giving’s Back To School Fundraising Webinar. Covered in this webinar: 5 revenue centers of a school auction, tips and tricks, and ideas for increasing revenue. Watch the webinar »

Donor Experience

Top 5 Donor Experience Trends

Digitalizing fundraising events with technology on smartphones, tablets, and leaderboards is a trend that's here to stay. Utilizing technology to increase revenue, while improving the donor experience at events, is more important than ever in today's fundraising landscape. Watch the webinar »

Finding Online Donors

Finding Online Donors

Nonprofits get some great benefits when they drive online giving. Online giving is cost-effective to execute, and online donors generally give more per gift than offline donors. And online donations are easier to accept and process, so you save time and donations go to work for you faster. In this webinar, two very successful online fundraisers, Maumee Valley Country Day School and Food Lifeline, will describe how they drive existing donors to give online, and how they solicit new online donors. Watch the webinar »

Nonprofit Media Exposure

Maximum Media Exposure for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits today communicate their message by only using their in-house website, social media sites, emails and newsletters— thinking that other media outlets are out-of-reach or too expensive. However, the most successful and well-known nonprofits understand what the media is like today, and create relationships with them to effectively get their message out to the masses at little or no cost. Watch the webinar »

Year-Round Procurement

Year-Round Procurement

Procuring the most desirable items for your fundraising auction is hard work, but with a little bit of inspiration and a focused effort, you can deliver genius—and big sales!—at your next fundraising auction. This webinar will deliver pragmatic best practice and ingenious tips collected from successful fundraisers, plus real-life examples and expertise from two experienced and inspirational auctioneers. Watch the webinar »

Sponsorship Strategy

Sponsorship Strategy

Attracting and signing sponsors for your gala or a-thon is mission-critical. Supportive sponsors can turn a run-of-the-mill fundraising effort into a home run. But after the event, what then? By extending a sponsor relationship beyond your event, you—and your sponsor—can reap significant rewards. Join Greater Giving and a panel of experts as we explore sponsorship issues from the nonprofit and sponsors’ point of view. Watch the webinar »

Leveraging Your Board

Leveraging Your Board

For most nonprofits, having a Board of Directors is a given. However, many nonprofits feel that their Board takes a passive rather than active role in the organization, viewing their Board membership as an obligation rather than an exciting opportunity to contribute. Would you like your Board members to become dynamic contributors to your organization? in this webinar, we discuss best practice for recruiting and managing Board members to achieve optimal results with two seasoned philanthropy consultants who are experts at coaching nonprofits to coax the very best from every member of their Board. Watch the webinar »

Fundraising Into the Mission

Assimilating Fundraising into the Mission

When fundraising and mission execution are truly integrated, both efforts become easier. Each effort enhances the other. Every resource is utilized to the fullest. Fundraising becomes part of your organizational culture, not the result of a specific, strenuous effort—it becomes easier to sustain when you stop trying so hard. At this webinar, you’ll learn tips from Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC) on successfully integrating online and event-based fundraising. As well as how to enhance your website, leverage operational transparency, and create a heritage program to drive more giving. Watch the webinar »