Fear a Virtual Event? Not with this Run of Show with Auction Brio

Your Presenter:

Mark Schroeder, Auction Brio LLC


About the webinar:

Fear a Virtual Auction? Not with this Run of Show with Auction Brio

SPECIAL GUEST: Mark Schroeder, Auction Brio

Due to continued restrictions to assembly in venues, virtual auctions are ongoing in many states. Don’t fear a virtual event. Just construct a compelling Run of Show. The format of your event will bond the timing with the talent, mobile bidding, and the production crew with coordination of the event. Plus, the Run of Show dictates the timing of graphics, videos, and live testimonials for the AV team. Most importantly, the success of your bottom line will rely on your Run of Show to be seamless, well-produced, and engaging. This is how donors at home stay on the stream.

During this webinar…

Discover the importance of formatting a strategic Run of Show.
Learn to create a virtual gala that hits times, cues, and moves seamlessly from one segment to the next.
Understand the importance of time management for segments.

By creating a solid Run of Show, the AV team will fully understand their timed direction of the show and timing of camera switches, video commencement, and more.

As a multi-Emmy and Telly Award-winning broadcast television producer and talent, Mark has produced thousands of shows for local and network broadcast television.