Fueling Your Fundraiser with Utopia Entertainment

Your Presenters: Joey Goone, Utopia Entertainment Jarel Loveless, Friend and strategic partner of Utopia Entertainment Supporting Assets: Production Elements Highlight – This quickly showcases various technical production elements that we highlight in the webinar. -Red carpet photo booth + a live stream with step & repeat – all being streamed into the ballroom live and... Read More » Watch the webinar »

The Art of the Special Appeal

The special appeal is your biggest opportunity to raise funds the day of your event. Do you have a strategy in place for how to execute your special appeal? In this webinar, we will take a look at the essential components of an effective appeal and delve into how to tell a compelling story to... Read More » Watch the webinar »

Turning Live Auction Woes into Fundraising Wins

Join Greater Giving and Winspire as we share practical, easy-to-implement ways to create success within a crucial element of your fundraising event: the auction. Maximize the results of your live auction, sidestep pitfalls and raise more money. Too many fundraising events suffer from the same few live auction woes: think disorganization among committee members, ineffectively bundled... Read More » Watch the webinar »

Generational Differences at Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are changing rapidly, both with technology and the differences between all the generations’ communication styles. Darron will discuss the various generations, their differences and share important tips to consider when planning your fundraising event. Watch the webinar »