Fundraising Ideas

A collection of the best fundraising ideas for non profits, churches, schools and small groups.

Giving Tuesday 2018 Contest Announcement

Greater Giving is excited to announce our Sixth Annual Giving Tuesday Donation Page Contest! If you use Greater Giving’s Online Payments software for your Giving Tuesday or End of Year campaign this year, send us a screen-shot or URL of your page and you could win a $500 donation for your organization. Your page must… Read More »

Signs That Your Event Needs an Update

After several years of producing great events, there comes a time when the same plan that paid off big in the past may cross into redundancy and become stale. If your guests already know what to expect from the night’s program it makes it challenging to deliver the impact you had hoped for. In the… Read More »

Easy and Fun Banned Word Jar Game

Have you volunteered to host a fundraising dinner for your favorite cause? And you are looking for ways to make it more successful? A banned word game can be a great way to energize your guests and pick up a few extra dollars! The game can be adapted in a number of ways as well… Read More »

Selective Raffle - Fundraising Auction Revenue Enhancer

Selective Drawing Gives Guest Choices

Provide an array of prizes and put them on display. Like a random drawing, guests receive tickets. Each prize has an entry box next to it where guests can deposit their tickets to potentially win the package. How Does it Work? Similar to a silent auction, create bundled packages your guests really want and will… Read More »

Have a Penny Social at your next event!

Does your fundraising event need a pick-me-up, a little pizzazz? Why not change things up with the mystery and fun of a Penny Social? Also known as Tricky Tray or Pick-a-Prize, this type of event is a combination of a raffle and an auction. Like a silent auction, you provide an array of prizes and… Read More »

What about Secret Bids?

What is about Secret Bids? Why are they such a secret? What exactly is it? The secret is about to be spilled! Secret Bids is a method of auctioning off packages without being able to see other bids. Once all bids are submitted, the highest bid is determined, and the bid is paid to win the… Read More »