Fundraising Ideas

A collection of the best fundraising ideas for non profits, churches, schools and small groups.

Buy It Now Boards For Auction Bargains

“Buy It Now Boards” are a great way to offer variety at your silent auction. It is the same concept as “buy it now” on eBay or Greater Giving Online Bidding, and is a tidy, fast way of selling retail gift certificates and dinner gift cards. Creating a “there’s something for everyone” atmosphere is a… Read More »

Green Means Go For Your Silent Auction

Perhaps you’ve had the same silent auction approach year after year, and you feel it’s becoming stagnant. You’re looking for a way to do something differently. Consider the “bid on green line” approach. What’s different about this, and what do you need to implement it? This game requires you to preset your bid auction sheets…. Read More »

Jewelry Boxes - Fundraising Auction Revenue Enhancer

Jewelry Box Fundraiser

Everybody loves jewelry, or has someone in their life that does! Jewelry Boxes are a quick and easy fundraiser raffle with a twist.  It is generally easy to organize at your event too, if you can line up a good sponsor beforehand.  Hence they are great additions to more upscale events like galas and cocktail parties… Read More »

7 Tips to Attract Corporate Sponsors

Effective charities do not just ask for corporate funding for their causes, but they attract it. Every year corporate America gives more and more to charity – according to IEG there will be approximately $2.3 billion donated in 2017 alone. Corporations do not just respond to solicitations, however. They seek strategic partnerships with agencies that can improve… Read More »

Adding Excitement to Your Auction

Have you ever had trouble getting your guests to move out of the silent auction into the live auction room? In one sense, it’s a nice problem to have—it means you were successful in selecting appealing packages for your silent auction. But you still need to get on with the show. What do you do?… Read More »