Streamline Your Charity Golf Tournament with Software Solutions

Streamline Your Charity Golf Tournament with Software Solutions Employee Assistance Fund for Alaskan Airlines reached new heights by using Greater Giving's Software for their Golf Tournament

Sink a Hole-in-One: How Greater Giving Can Elevate Your Charity Golf Tournament

Planning a charity golf tournament can be incredibly rewarding. However, juggling sponsorships, registrations, auctions, and logistical nightmares can quickly turn that reward into a headache. The good news? You don’t have to go it alone.

Streamline Your Success with Event Management Software

Nonprofit professionals like yourself understand the power of a well-planned charity golf tournament. It fosters community, raises awareness for your cause, and most importantly, generates significant donations. But how can you manage all the moving parts without drowning in paperwork and spreadsheets?

Enter Greater Giving, a game-changer for organizations hosting fundraising events. Take a page out of the Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) of Alaska Airlines‘ playbook. Their annual golf tournament, a massive undertaking with 500 attendees and sponsorships reaching $50,000, was initially a logistical nightmare managed entirely on paper.

The EAF Aced Charity Golf Tournament Planning

From lost in spreadsheets to finding fundraising paradise

Before Greater Giving, the EAF was bogged down by manual processes. Online registration? Nonexistent. Sponsorship management? A chaotic jungle of emails and phone calls. But with Greater Giving’s user-friendly event management software, everything changed. Here’s a sneak peek at how Greater Giving helped the EAF achieve fundraising nirvana:

  • Ticketing and Sponsorships: The EAF created a seamless online page for ticket purchases and sponsor management, saving them countless hours.
  • Auction Powerhouse: Greater Giving’s software facilitated both silent and live auctions, allowing the EAF to accept bids from remote participants and maximize their fundraising potential.
  • Streamlined Operations: From managing games and admissions to tracking data and generating reports, Greater Giving’s interface made running the event a breeze.

Dive Deeper into EAF’s Success Story

Ready to learn exactly how the EAF leveraged Greater Giving to raise over $500,000? Their story holds valuable insights for any nonprofit professional planning a charity golf tournament. Access the full EAF client success story and discover:

  • Winning Strategies: Learn the EAF’s secret sauce for securing high-dollar sponsorships and engaging players.
  • Expert Tips: Discover valuable advice on managing volunteers, training your team, and maximizing fundraising opportunities.

Stop wrestling with spreadsheets and paperwork. Let Greater Giving transform your next charity golf tournament planning season into a fundraising masterpiece.


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