Golf Fundraising Idea: Helicopter Ball Drop

Helicopter Ball Drop Golf TOurnament fundraising idea

How to do a Helicopter Ball Drop

Having a helicopter drop hundreds of bouncing golf balls onto a putting green isn’t just entertaining—it’s a unique revenue generator at charity golf events! The Helicopter Ball Drop is something golf event attendees can get excited about, as they eagerly look to see if their ball lands in (or nearest to) the winning hole.


The key to this event fundraising idea is to sell the ‘balls’ ahead of time. Each sale or transaction is linked to a golf ball, each ball labeled with a number associating back to the transaction. When the ball is sold, the supporter is given the number of their ball. After the balls are dropped, the ball in the hole or nearest to the hole, wins. An additional option is adding a 2nd and 3rd place based on proximity or even a prize for the ball furthest from the hole.
Tip: The golf balls with numbers on them should be driving range quality balls.

How do we sell opportunities and at what price?

Sell tickets before your event at online registration as well as on the day of your event. Using Greater Giving Storefront, purchases can be automatically added to the golfer’s invoice. Once the opportunities are gone, they are gone; a common practice at events is to have limited quantity of chances. (Example: A maximum of 1,000 golf balls will be sold for the price of $20 dollars each, or in groups of 6 for $100.) The price per golf ball can range, but keep in mind many supporters will purchase multiple opportunities. Many states have raffle or gaming restrictions, so be sure to consult state regulations when planning your event.

If only we knew someone who had a helicopter…

Don’t have access to a helicopter? Charity golf events have taken this same idea, and used all types of creative methods. Trade out the helicopter with a tall step ladder, fire truck hook ladder, crane, cherry picker or even a tractor bucket.

Does it have to be a putting green?

Golf course directors likely won’t love the idea of you dropping 200-1000 golf balls on their beautiful putting green. For that reason, its common practice to setup the drop zone for golf balls in a separate designated area. Contact your tournament coordinator or course manager for additional information on where you could have the drop.

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