Fundraising Ideas

A collection of the best fundraising ideas for non profits, churches, schools and small groups.

Auction Item Infographic Thumbnail

What Everyone Should Know About Auction Items [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are many questions when it comes to soliciting and packaging auction items—what should we solicit, how many do we need, are there packages that perform better than others, where do I find quality items… We cover all these questions and more in the “What Everyone Should Know About Auction Items” infographic along with some… Read More »

Fundraising Auction Planner Infographic Thumb

Fundraising Auction Planner [Infographic]

You’ve got a big fundraising gala coming up and want to make sure you have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. Organizing a successful benefit auction takes thoughtful planning and dedication. Based on our experience over tens of thousands of events nationwide, we have created this auction planning guide and companion infographic… Read More »

Golf Week 2016

Golf Tournaments: Building a Unique Experience

Comparing golf tournaments is like comparing sand traps and water features- no matter what, you want your event to land on and in the green! No two charity golf tournaments are 100 percent the same, just like no two days on a course are the same. However, we’ve been able to observe hundreds of different… Read More »

Plan a Winning Golf Fundraiser

Is it too early to start planning your Golf Tournament Fundraiser? Golf tournament fundraisers can help raise money to support programs throughout the year—and these events can be key donor cultivation points. Since most golf courses book events well in advance, it’s never too early to start planning. So, whether you’re planning a golf event… Read More »

DIY Booze Bouquet

Flowers are lovely, but they’re not very practical—and for how much money we put into having them at nonprofit events? They’ll shrivel up after a couple of days in a vase on your coffee table, but a booze bouquet is a twist that can provide much more. So this year, try a Booze Bouquet or… Read More »

Top School Auction Packages

Want to bring some kick to your next school auction? Because your audience consists of parents and family members, tailor a majority of your school auction packages to make them appealing to families. You’ll generate a lot of excitement for your event and boost your fundraising! Bucket List Adventures Who wouldn’t want a once-in-a-lifetime adventure the whole… Read More »

Beyonce Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips Inspired by Beyoncé

Fundraising Tips Inspired by Beyoncé Rock Your Signature Move.  Every non-profit organization has its strengths and weaknesses. Like Beyoncé’s signature dance moves inspire her audience, knowing your “signature move” is essential to great fundraising. What makes your organization stand out and attract supporters? What do you have that nobody else does? Maybe you’re an animal shelter… Read More »