Kiersi Burkhart

Best Practices for No-Wait Event Registrations

This is the first in a series of posts about running a successful fundraising event night written by event service professionals. Event night professionals help to troubleshoot technology, advise on using event software, and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible on event night. Have you ever had long lines at your event while guests… Read More »

The Perfect Guest Experience: JDRF Lincoln and Greater Nebraska’s Quest

Many nonprofits are pioneering fundraising and JDRF is a great example. This story is from one of our many clients who heightened organization, training and communication efforts around their auction—creating a better donor experience. First events are always tough, and Development Coordinator Laura Eberly’s first event with the Lincoln and Greater Nebraska chapter of JDRF… Read More »

Fundraising Goal Gauge

5 Steps to Creating Better Fundraising Goals

Specific and Achievable Fundraising Goals Help You Raise More Funds! Fundraising goal setting is a year-round process. You’ll need to evaluate your own past performance, and think reasonably about what you can accomplish by next year. A good fundraising goal has a formal plan—some pen and paper tasks you can check off to monitor your progress…. Read More »