State of Non-profit Fundraising Report 2022

Nonprofit Fundraising Saw Major Changes in 2021

Among other insights, Greater Giving’s annual The State of Nonprofit Fundraising report reveals that despite uncertainty, nonprofits are overcoming obstacles and feeling more confident going into 2022. 2020 was consumed with a pandemic, strict restrictions on in-person contact, and a suffering economy. The State of Nonprofit Fundraising 2021 revealed that more than 60% of nonprofits… Read More »

Special events are on the rise

Special Events Are on the Rise in 2022

Special Events Are on the Rise in 2022 More nonprofits are adopting special events in the coming year to build emotional connections with donors, and develop lasting relationships. Whether they’re focused on fundraising or on stewardship, special events can create intimate, memorable experiences that bring donors closer to the cause. Showcasing the work your nonprofit… Read More »

The State of Nonprofit Fundraising Report 2022

The State of Nonprofit Fundraising 2022: What it Means for You

Our annual nonprofit fundraising report is here, packed full with surprising insights and new fundraising strategies, all based on YOUR answers. Download the full State of Nonprofit Fundraising report here! Dear fundraising professional: we wrote this report for you! Here at Greater Giving, our goal is to help nonprofits achieve fundraising success.  We use technological… Read More »

nonprofit professional stress management tips

5 Ways for Nonprofit Professionals to Stay Healthy This Busy Spring

With more nonprofit professionals working in the office and big fundraisers in full swing, a healthy work environment is critical. Whether volunteer, staff, or leadership, every nonprofit professional needs to be at their best to do critical work and advance the mission. If the pandemic has taught us anything about our work habits, it’s the… Read More »

Summer Fundraising Revenue Stream ideas

Here’s How to Boost Your Summer Fundraising Revenue Stream

How high-tech tools and some creative thinking can turn a slow fundraising season into a regular revenue stream. The nonprofit industry has typically relied on Fall and Spring fundraising galas for event revenue, but the last two years have left some gaps. Nonprofits are returning to big, in-person galas this spring. However, many are still… Read More »

Fundraising Team back in the office

Is now the time for Corporate Outreach?

As more companies and their employees return to the office, now is the time for nonprofits to engage in corporate outreach. Begin your corporate outreach to previous partners and prospects now. By reaching out early you can ensure that your contacts are up-to-date, and your nonprofit is at the top of mind for corporate events…. Read More »

6 Website Elements to Include to Drive Year Round Donations

Include these elements to keep donors engaged and maintain a steady stream year round donations. Nonprofit calendars usually experience “ups” and “downs”. The “up” months include the year-end giving season, where donors are inspired to make their last tax-deductible donations for the year. This is also the time when many organizations host their year-end gala… Read More »

Tips For Unlocking Hidden Dollars at Your Next Fundraising Event

Every fundraising event has the potential to exceed your goals. At Artisan Auctions, we like to call that potential “Hidden Dollars”. Hidden dollars exist in all facets of your fundraising event, whether it be virtual, live, hybrid, from your appeal story to your auction items and more. It’s important to unlock that potential at every… Read More »