Strategic Fundraising Event Layouts

The invites have been sent; the guests are registered; the auction packages are set; and volunteers are in place, but what might be the most important task of all? How you will layout your event! There so many considerations when it comes to your event layout: Should the check-in line be right in the front to create… Read More »

Expanding Your Fundraising Knowledge

Are you new to fundraising? Or maybe you’re a veteran fundraiser seeking to improve your skills? Wherever you are in your profession, there’s always a need to learn and grow. Not only does each individual have his own path of learning, but the entire industry is evolving and changing as well. Tending to your own… Read More »

You’re Never Too Old for Online Bidding

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about online bidding, it’s effectiveness and ease of use. If you are hesitant to try this new technology at your next fundraiser, here are some answers that will put your mind at ease.   Myth #1: Older People aren’t Tech-Savvy In the past, it was common wisdom that… Read More »

Get Your Board on Board with Fundraising

Many times the biggest untapped resource inside a nonprofit are the board members. So what are you doing to engage your board in fundraising? Your board is already on board with what your nonprofit does every day. They love your mission, support the cause, and share the vision. There’s an incredible passion in your board… Read More »

Donate Now Buttons That Pop!

Looking for a simple way to increase your revenue? Make donating easy with a “Donate Now” button on your website. You’ve put a lot of effort into building relationships with your supporters and driving traffic to your site. Now capture that energy by making it really simple for people to find your donation page with… Read More »

Top Social Media Scams to Avoid

Social media isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days of just posting pictures of your dog or vacation highlights. Now every time you log on, you are confronted with all kinds of memes, ads, and shared posts from your network and beyond. You might not realize that cybercriminals target social media sites for this very… Read More »