Mastering Your Virtual or Hybrid Event: Exciting Live Auctions & Appeals – pt. 2

How do you simulate the thrilling, contagious energy of an in-person, live appeal when some guests are behind a screen? Even with groundbreaking advances in technology and streaming, virtual events still bring an inherent distance between the action and the viewers. And great live auctions depend on the energy in the room, a spirit of… Read More »

Mastering Your Virtual or Hybrid Event: A Program that Keeps Guests Smiling – pt.1

Throughout the pandemic, fundraisers have struggled to engage online donors with the cause. But embracing low-cost technological solutions can help. During the transition to virtual events, nonprofit event planners simply didn’t have a playbook. A purely online fundraiser with a livestream, a remote auction and a virtual donation appeal was new to almost everyone—there were… Read More »

Holding a Golf Tournament This Summer? Here are our Top Reminders!

Golf tournaments are a fantastic fundraising solution to ongoing pandemic problems.     Social distancing     Plenty of circulation     Outside during the best time of year Whether it’s your first outdoor fundraiser or your fiftieth, we wanted to put together a quick list for you of last-minute tips, tricks, and most importantly, awesome ideas for raising even more… Read More »

The Hybrid Event: 5 Tips for Better Fundraising Results

Sometimes you uncover great, new ideas through careful research and execution. Other times, new knowledge is a hard-won prize gained from running the gauntlet of trial and error. This is the story of the hybrid fundraiser. Throughout 2020, planners were forced to go online to hold their annual fundraising events virtually when large gatherings were… Read More »

Unexpected Gains Through Virtual Events | State of Nonprofit Fundraising 2021

Will Nonprofits Move Away from One Big Gala Every Year?

The world of nonprofit fundraising changed dramatically in the last eighteen months. We’ve detailed many of these shifts, and the lessons learned from them, in the recently-published The State of Nonprofit Fundraising report. As nonprofits were forced to postpone, and often cancel, their large, in-person fundraising galas, something else took its place: the virtual event…. Read More »

The Youth Music Program Steps Up to the Podium for a Virtual Fundraising Event

Whether it’s rock, pop, or country, a band is trained to work harmoniously together to create a beautiful piece of music. But what happens when an unexpected change in the composition throws off the harmony of what’s being played? Hosting a fundraiser is similar to leading a band. Just as a conductor raises his baton… Read More »

Hybrid Events: How to Engage Guests at Home

In our recent State of Nonprofit Fundraising report, we found that most nonprofit organizations had to postpone or cancel at least one fundraising event in the pandemic. Many adapted by holding virtual, online-only fundraising events. Hybrid Events: The Best of Live and Virtual An important finding emerged from the State of Nonprofit Fundraising report—nonprofits were… Read More »

Flexibility and Resilience Carries the Day for Big Brothers Big Sisters Houston

When an unpredictable, sudden change in planning sweeps you up and carries you away, it’s important to stay flexible and ready to act. Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Houston, the largest, one-to-one mentoring agency in the country, found those same qualities served them well last year when they needed to quickly switch from hosting their… Read More »