Create a VIRAL Micro-philanthropy Campaign

Use your existing marketing and inspirational stories to jumpstart a killer micro-donation campaign! What are micro-donations? Micro-donations are those small contributions of $5, $10 or $20 that many fundraisers dismiss or overlook as insignificant. But dozens—or hundreds, or thousands!—of micro-donations can mean a stable source of revenue, or even funding a whole new project. This… Read More »

What No One Else is Telling You About “Micro-donations”

Harness today’s LARGEST donor demographic with these quick and effective micro-philanthropy strategies. We posted recently about how Small Donors are Giving Big since the pandemic began, and that trend doesn’t show signs of slowing down. “Crowdfunding” platforms, where hundreds of individuals can give in small amounts for a specific cause, have exploded in the last… Read More »

Make 2021 the Best #GivingTuesday for Fundraising Yet

Whether it’s your first year participating in this wildly successful global day of giving or your ninth year, follow these tips to spread awareness about your organization and maximize those donations.   What is GivingTuesday, and why should my organization participate? After the festivities of Thanksgiving and the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber… Read More »

How to Organize a Virtual Scavenger Hunt Everyone Will Love

In the age of COVID, organizations have had to change up how they throw events. Hosts need to factor in attendee safety while still hosting effective fundraisers, awareness-raising events, and team-building activities to keep moving forward. With in-person events not always an option, virtual scavenger hunts have emerged as a popular and engaging digital event… Read More »

2021 Thought Leadership Virtual Summit Wrap Up

The 2021 Thought Leadership Virtual Summit presented by Artisan Auctions spanned 3-days of virtual learning, networking, and community building for nonprofit fundraisers from across the country. The shift to the virtual event space in the spring of 2020 forced us as fundraisers to redefine the traditional ballroom gala event. As we look ahead into the… Read More »

TREND SPOTLIGHT: Small Donors Are Giving Big

The recent surge in small, individual donations may shape the future of nonprofit fundraising. So how do you capitalize on it? As the pandemic swelled in 2020, so did generosity from everyday people. GivingTuesday reported an 11% increase in participation small donors (those who gave gifts of less than $500)—a marked change from previous years,… Read More »

Reserve A Course NOW for Next Years Golf Event

Golf tournaments make a timely and profitable summer fundraiser—but courses fill up fast. We can’t believe it’s already August, either! Time flies in the summer months as fundraising professionals prepare for upcoming fall and winter events, so it’s easy to overlook plans for next year. But if you’re planning to host a golf tournament fundraiser… Read More »

How to Sell MORE Sponsorships for Virtual or Hybrid Events

Make it more than a transaction—offer sponsors tons of valuable and rewarding ways to get in front of people in their community. Sponsors at live fundraising events are accustomed to certain benefits—banners in a ballroom, a table and dinner for their guests, sometimes on-stage recognition. Selling sponsorships in the era of virtual and hybrid events… Read More »

Mastering Your Virtual or Hybrid Event: Exciting Live Auctions & Appeals – pt. 2

How do you simulate the thrilling, contagious energy of an in-person, live appeal when some guests are behind a screen? Even with groundbreaking advances in technology and streaming, virtual events still bring an inherent distance between the action and the viewers. And great live auctions depend on the energy in the room, a spirit of… Read More »