Fundraising Team back in the office

Is now the time for Corporate Outreach?

As more companies and their employees return to the office, now is the time for nonprofits to engage in corporate outreach. Begin your corporate outreach to previous partners and prospects now. By reaching out early you can ensure that your contacts are up-to-date, and your nonprofit is at the top of mind for corporate events…. Read More »

6 Website Elements to Include to Drive Year Round Donations

Include these elements to keep donors engaged and maintain a steady stream year round donations. Nonprofit calendars usually experience “ups” and “downs”. The “up” months include the year-end giving season, where donors are inspired to make their last tax-deductible donations for the year. This is also the time when many organizations host their year-end gala… Read More »

Tips For Unlocking Hidden Dollars at Your Next Fundraising Event

Every fundraising event has the potential to exceed your goals. At Artisan Auctions, we like to call that potential “Hidden Dollars”. Hidden dollars exist in all facets of your fundraising event, whether it be virtual, live, hybrid, from your appeal story to your auction items and more. It’s important to unlock that potential at every… Read More »

Fundraising Technologies for every age

Fundraising Technologies: 4 Key to Know for 2022

When COVID hit, every nonprofit turned to auction technology to keep fundraising. Be prepared for the uncertain future by understanding these key services. Technology remains the cornerstone of modern fundraising. As the state of the world continues changing around us, fundraisers need to learn the basics of these critical technologies, so you’re equipped to plan… Read More »

NONPROFIT FUNDRAISING IN 2022: Will virtual events stick around?

Virtual events allowed nonprofits to reach more new donors than ever before. As restrictions lift, fundraisers face a choice about how to engage their audience. The nonprofit industry relies heavily on in-person charity events, so COVID-19 dealt a painful blow. 60% of the nonprofits surveyed in our State of Nonprofit Fundraising 2020 report postponed at… Read More »

Best of 2021 – Webinars

2021 was the “hybrid” year. Nonprofits moved from “pivoting” to “planning” and were a lot more savvy with virtual fundraising. We all continued to learn, grow, and create positivity amidst an ever changing landscape. One thing we do know, many of the changes we’ve experienced with fundraising aren’t going back. At Greater Giving, we had… Read More »

Best of 2021 – Blog Articles

A Hybrid of a Year This year kept us guessing, every time we thought things were getting back to “normal,” it threw a new curveball. We were cautiously optimistic and a lot more prepared to roll with the changes. Many nonprofits tried going back to live events with safety precautions in place; and most kept… Read More »