Fundraising Ideas

A collection of the best fundraising ideas for non profits, churches, schools and small groups.

What about Secret Bids?

What is about Secret Bids? Why are they such a secret? What exactly is it? The secret is about to be spilled! Secret Bids is a method of auctioning off packages without being able to see other bids. Once all bids are submitted, the highest bid is determined, and the bid is paid to win the… Read More »

Keep the Bidding Going with a 2nd Bidder

Keep the bidding going in your live and silent auction with Second Bidder Winner. Your silent auction has gotten off to a great start.You have starting bids on all your items, and you are ecstatic. But later in the evening, your enthusiasm starts to lull when you notice  the majority of your bid sheets only… Read More »

Restaurant Row – What To Do With Restaurant Gift Cards

Rather than take up valuable space in your silent auction, why not simplify the process and offer restaurant gift cards for immediate sale? Everyone likes to eat out, and restaurant gift cards are great revenue generators; however, sometimes you have so many it becomes a distraction from larger items. A great solution is to create… Read More »

The Last Hero Fundraising Revenue Enhancer

Who’s the Last Hero of Your Organization?

Tap into your donor’s desire to be a hero for your cause. Use this special appeal method to find the hero of your organization.   How Does it Work? The Last Hero is an exciting and profitable way to end your Direct Appeal (aka “Fund-a-Need” or “Paddle Raiser”), by giving a big prize to the… Read More »

Golden Ticket - Fundraising Auction Revenue Enhancer

Your “Golden Ticket” To A Successful Event

There are many ways to engage attendees at your event: silent auctions, live auctions, raffle tickets, oh my! Have you tried the Golden Ticket? A golden ticket raffle allows a guest to win a high-value item for the price of a single ticket, and the organization has an opportunity to raise significantly more money on… Read More »