Guest Post: Six Steps to Integrate Double the Donation’s Matching Gift with Greater Giving

Greater Giving and Double the Donation

Include Double the Donation’s Matching Gift with Greater Giving Fundraising Page

This article outlines Greater Giving and Double the Donation matching gift integration so you can provide donors with matching gift information when they make a donation on your page.

About Greater Giving and Double the Donation:

Greater Giving is a leading provider of technology and credit card processing services to nonprofits and schools to make all their fundraising efforts successful.

Double the Donation is a leading provider of matching gift tools for nonprofits. They maintain a database of companies that match employee donations and offer grants when employees volunteer. Its tools make it easy for nonprofits to share this match information with their donors and helps them raise more money from matching gift and volunteer grant programs.

This matching gift integration guide was created to help nonprofits who use Greater Giving’s fundraising platform, Online Payments, to incorporate Double the Donation’s employee matching gift widget into their fundraising pages.

Six Steps to Integrate Double the Donation’s Matching Gift with Greater Giving (Double the Donation’s Look-up Tool):

The below steps and screenshots are applicable to organizations that already have an account with Double the Donation and Greater Giving. If you don’t have an account with Double the Donation, you can learn more about its services here. If you don’t have fundraising page capability with Greater Giving, find out more here. The integration with Greater Giving requires an account in tier 2 or above.

Step #1: Sign in to your nonprofit’s Greater Giving account

Greater Giving Login

Step #2: Select the page(s) where you want to incorporate matching gift information. If you have more than one page you’ll need to repeat steps 3-6 for each page.

Matching Gift Pages

Step #3: Scroll to the “ContentPane”.  Click on the link that says “Click Here to Edit Content”.

Greater Giving Edit Content

Step #4: Under the sub-navigation click on the tab that says “Advanced Features”.

Greater Giving Advanced Features

Step #5: Greater Giving allows you to customize the questions that appear on your donation forms.  You’ll want to add a matching gift section by:

  1. Checking the box that says “Add additional customized questions to my form”
  2. Adding text to the “Question Text” field. For instance, “Check this box to access your company’s matching gift form, guidelines, and instructions using our searchable matching gift database”
  3. Selecting the IFrame option
  4. Inserting your Double the Donation IFrame URL (accessed by logging into your Double the Donation account)
  5. Clicking “Save & Exist”
Greater Giving Matching Gift iFrame

Step #6: You’re all set up. Verify that your Double the Donation matching gift widget is working as expected (three screenshots).

Screenshot #1 – Bring up your main greater giving donation page and proceed to the second step by clicking “next”.

Greater Giving First Donation Page

Screenshot #2: “Check” the box next to the matching gift question you typed in.

Greater Giving Select Matching Gift Information

Screenshot #3: Enter a company into Double the Donation’s matching gift search tool.

Greater Giving Test Match Search

If you have additional questions or need further support, contact Greater Giving’s team for the Greater Giving account management section or contact Double the Donation’s team if the search widget isn’t working properly.

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