Webinar: Procure buzzworthy travel packages in 2016

Travel is the number one selling charity auction item in the country, but it can also be the most difficult package to procure.  Most charity fundraisers are not complete without a dazzling live and silent auction to delight donors and maximize revenue. However, those who have worked to procure auction packages know how difficult and… Read More »

How To Rethink Your Fundraising Event

Do you wonder if all the hard work that goes into a fundraising event is worth it in the end? We talk with nonprofits all the time who invest tons of hours, dollars and volunteers only to pull off a fundraising event without seeing results. If that sounds like your organization, it may be time to take a hard… Read More »

photo credit: Champagne via photopin (license)

Build Revenue with Glitz in a Glass Auction Game

Auction Games: Build Revenue with the Glitz in a Glass (Diamonds in Champagne Flutes)! There are many options to add auction games to your event and Glitz in a Glass is a popular one. There are lots of great names for this one—Glitz and Glass, Bubbles n’ Bling, or Diamonds and Drinks! Looking for ways… Read More »

Soliciting Auction Items

The Three Commandments of Soliciting Auction Items

Three Commandments of Soliciting Auction Items There are some general rules to help in your soliciting auction items process: Less is more. Your committee only has so much bandwidth to solicit, procure, and organize donations. Start saving time during procurement, and end up with shorter checkout lines at your event, by pursuing fewer, higher-quality items. Focus on… Read More »

Fundraising Best Practices from the Experts at Our Thought Leadership Summit

This summer, Greater Giving gathered with a panel of experts at our annual Thought Leadership Summit to share their fundraising best practices. The round-table discussions lead to an incredible amount of how-to’s, best practices, and thoughts on the future of nonprofit fundraising. Here is a small sneak-peak into what fundraising best practices the group came up… Read More »

Hijack Fundraising

Hijack Fundraising from Crowd-Funding

Take Back Fundraising The constant movement of the digital world toward social sharing has been, overall, a boon to the nonprofit sector. Online participation in fundraising is at an all-time high; nonprofits are seeing huge revenue potential in social media, support for mobile devices, and online, peer-to-peer fundraising. Successful fundraisers are looking to online social networks… Read More »

Future of Email

The Future of Email to 2025

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the future of email. We broke barriers and learned critical lessons during political campaigns of 2012—and then brought those best practices to mission-driven organizations across the country. Over the past year, as email volume has reached new heights with campaigns and organizations striving to hit ambitious fundraising goals,… Read More »