3 Fundraising Things That DON’T Have to Be Scary This Halloween


It’s a wild time to be in the fundraising world, and I know we’re all feeling the jitters about what comes next. Mobile auction bidding? Crowdfunding? Social media?

At Greater Giving, we decided to mix it up this Halloween by sharing a list of things that don’t have to be scary 👻 —so you can save all your hair-raising screaming for that haunted house you’re going to this weekend.

Talking to big donors.

Asking for that big commitment can feel like walking down a dark, cobwebbed hallway. But don’t forget: you’re not there to ask. You’re there to offer a mutually beneficial partnership—access to your audience, your brand image, and your mission.

Walk into that room (and please, do arrange an in-person meeting) and remember to listen, demonstrate, and ask.

  • And asking doesn’t have to be scary when you’re offering solutions. You’re the problem-solver, there to hear what your donor needs and suggest how your partnership can help.
  • Demonstrate that your organization offers solutions, such as community awareness, or a shared mission or goal with the donor.
  • Listen to everything the donor is asking for from the partnership.

Pulling off that big event.

You know the one—it’s coming up. Your annual benefit auction. Was that a shiver, or just a spider?

But running your annual gala doesn’t have to be terrifying. We’ve got some tips for getting into the auction swing and making this year the Year of the Least Scary Auction Ever.

  • Remember that you have access to an incredible array of free Greater Giving auction planning tools. Download the Auction Planner and make a timeline of what you have to do and when. No more last-minute scrambling to get it all done—what’s to be afraid of?
  • Get the training you need! Training for Greater Giving customers is free and will walk you through adding your auction items, tracking sponsors and guests, and everything else you need for putting on a fantastic benefit auction. You can stop screaming now.

Focusing on your mission.

Now this is, without a doubt, the least scary thing I could think of about fundraising. Remember why you’re here, and take that with you into your donor meetings. When you’re working on the last details of your auction night ballroom, feeling stressed about everything that still needs to get done, think about why you’re there: to spread your passion for your cause, and make things happen.

It’s no costume, just the truth. And that’s the least scary thing ever.



Happy Halloween!

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