Mobile Bidding

How To Rethink Your Fundraising Event

Do you wonder if all the hard work that goes into a fundraising event is worth it in the end? We talk with nonprofits all the time who invest tons of hours, dollars and volunteers only to pull off a fundraising event without seeing results. If that sounds like your organization, it may be time to take a hard… Read More »

Sponsorship Opportunities: Tips for Fundraisers

Offering and securing a variety of sponsorship opportunities for a fundraising event can be one of the most important measurements of success. Yet, soliciting and securing sponsorships is one of the most intimidating parts of the job. We often feel nervous making the ask—coming right out and putting a dollar value on our request for support…. Read More »

Online Bidding and Mobile Bidding

Online Bidding in 3 Simple Steps

Greater Giving Online Bidding, (aka Mobile Bidding), can help you raise more funds; simplify data entry; and improve the overall auction experience for your staff, volunteers and guests. Your online bidding site is accessible from any internet connected device, allowing guests the convenience of using their own phone or tablet. And to make the process even smoother and increase… Read More »

Bidding Assistants

Using Volunteers as Bidding Assistants

Adopting new technology always entails a transition phase. You can make this transition much easier for your donors by providing Bidding Assistants at your next event. These volunteers are very visible in a crowd and help your guests place bids, navigate their smart phones and answer any questions they might have. So how do you turn… Read More »

mobile bidding

Woodland Park Zoo Breaks Mobile Bidding Records

We sat down with Lorna Chin, Associate Director, Relationship Data Services and Cortney Bacon, Fundraising Events Supervisor and Jungle Party Manager, to discuss their 39th Annual Jungle Party. They used Greater Giving Mobile Bidding for the first time this year and their guests loved it! Woodland Park Zoo was founded in 1899 and works to… Read More »

Mobile Bidding Mobile Payments

Digital Donations: Increase Your Revenue with Mobile Payments

Digital Donations: Increase Your Revenue with Mobile Payments While snail-mail remains the most effective tool for reaching your donor base, a rapidly growing slice of the donor pie avoids transactions that can’t be made online. To showcase this, online charitable giving rises a steady 13-14% every single year, reflecting a growing preference among donors of all stripes… Read More »