Eventful Events Auction

Guest Post: Creative Fundraising Captures Revenue

Silent auctions, live auctions, and fund-a-need presentations—these are fairly reliable fundraising methods. They are also quite common.  Guests won’t be surprised to encounter them, and subsequently may not be inspired to give. The key to maximizing contributions is thinking creatively about how donors spend their time and money at events. Donors are looking for a… Read More »

matching gifts

Double Fundraising with Matching Gifts

Matching gifts is easy for donors and monumentally beneficial to your organization.  A matching gift is a donation made to a nonprofit by a matching donor (e.g., an employer) under the provision that an original donor (e.g., an employee) makes the gift first toward that organization (source). Matching gifts are a huge, untapped source of fundraising for many nonprofits—because they’re an… Read More »

emeril lagasse foundation

Emeril Lagasse Foundation Raises the Bar with Greater Giving Mobile Bidding

We sat down with Molly Loubiere, Event Coordinator at the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, after their 10th Annual Carnivale du Vin Fundraising weekend. They used Greater Giving Mobile Bidding for their two-day fundraiser and hit it out of the park! The Emeril Lagasse Foundation supports children’s educational programs, life skills development initiatives, culinary training and cultural enrichment, and these events are… Read More »

Reaching Diverse Donors: Engaging Women Donors

Reaching Diverse Donors: Engaging Women Donors This is the second in a series on reaching donors from all walks of life, to help you better engage your entire potential donor base. In future installments, we’ll talk about how to better appeal to other segments of donors. Today it’s all about the ladies. How Women Donors Give… Read More »

Day of Giving

Help Your Donors Realize Giving Goes Beyond One Day Giving Events

Extend Donor Giving Beyond One Day Giving Events Your organization never stops working to achieve its mission; there’s always another initiative to pursue or problem to solve. So why should your fundraising come from a single annual event, when your need is year-round? A regular influx of giving lends stability and alleviates reliance on a… Read More »

Fundraising Culture

Guest Post: 9 Tips to Create a Fundraising Culture in Your Organization

The most successful organizations know that fundraising is the responsibility of every single associate and board member. However, the burden of raising funds often falls solely on the development staff, making it much more difficult for them to achieve their goals. Success is far more likely if everyone is motivated enough to participate in fundraising… Read More »

Amazing Auction Packages

15 Amazing Auction Packages

How do you rejuvenate tradition? Every year benefit auctions have live auction events and offer packages, and every year it feels harder and harder to get that package with a wow-effect. Many guests have seen it all, making it more challenging to come up with irresistible new ideas. Get started early when putting your procurement target… Read More »

Fundraising Challenges

Fundraising Challenges

Your organization offers a valuable service to the community and you are passionate about raising funds to accomplish your mission. Sometimes, though, the work of raising funds can be a bit daunting. Luckily, Greater Giving is here to make your life easier. Let’s take a look at some fundraising challenges and the tools that can… Read More »