Fundraising Ideas

A collection of the best fundraising ideas for non profits, churches, schools and small groups.

DIY Booze Bouquet

Flowers are lovely, but they’re not very practical—and for how much money we put into having them at nonprofit events? They’ll shrivel up after a couple of days in a vase on your coffee table, but a booze bouquet is a twist that can provide much more. So this year, try a Booze Bouquet or… Read More »

Top School Auction Packages

Want to bring some kick to your next school auction? Because your audience consists of parents and family members, tailor a majority of your school auction packages to make them appealing to families. You’ll generate a lot of excitement for your event and boost your fundraising! Bucket List Adventures Who wouldn’t want a once-in-a-lifetime adventure the whole… Read More »

Beyonce Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips Inspired by Beyoncé

Fundraising Tips Inspired by Beyoncé Rock Your Signature Move.  Every non-profit organization has its strengths and weaknesses. Like Beyoncé’s signature dance moves inspire her audience, knowing your “signature move” is essential to great fundraising. What makes your organization stand out and attract supporters? What do you have that nobody else does? Maybe you’re an animal shelter… Read More »

Heads or Tails

How to: Heads and Tails

How to: Heads and Tails Finding engaging ways to generate more revenue at your event (aka: giving donors every opportunity to give) is a key task. Don’t knock the traditional activities like Wall of Wine or Heads and Tails, just add your own flare. A Heads and Tails game isn’t your usual raffle; it’s a fun, novel… Read More »

Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

Golf Fundraising Idea: Helicopter Ball Drop

How to do a Helicopter Ball Drop Having a helicopter drop hundreds of bouncing golf balls onto a putting green isn’t just entertaining—it’s a unique revenue generator at charity golf events! The Helicopter Ball Drop is something golf event attendees can get excited about, as they eagerly look to see if their ball lands in (or nearest to) the winning hole. How does it work? The… Read More »

Amazing Auction Packages

15 Amazing Auction Packages

How do you rejuvenate tradition? Every year benefit auctions have live auction events and offer packages, and every year it feels harder and harder to get that package with a wow-effect. Many guests have seen it all, making it more challenging to come up with irresistible new ideas. Get started early when putting your procurement target… Read More »

Masquerade Auction Theme

12 Creative Auction Themes

Thousands of events later, our team of fundraising experts has compiled the ultimate list of the latest creative auction themes! A creative auction theme highlights both the cause and the fact that it is a fundraiser (e.g. Bid for Kids, The Big Give, Night of Hope etc.). The golden rule is: the more fun guests have, the more they will… Read More »

Giving Tuesday with Greater Giving

10 Easy Giving Tuesday Ideas

We asked 400 organizations around the U.S. how they’re going to participate this year in #GivingTuesday, and here are the 10 easy Giving Tuesday ideas they gave us: 1. Social media 2. E-blast 3. Announcement on website 4. Video 5. Social media posts with content tied to their annual appeal 6. Match dollars raised 7…. Read More »