Four Fundraising Webinars Every Nonprofit Needs to Watch

4 Fundraising Webinars to Watch before 2024

Elevate Your Strategy with Insights From Top Experts in These Fundraising Webinars for 2024

Nonprofit professionals, it’s time to gear up for a successful 2024! Before you dive into planning your next big event, make sure to catch these four must-watch fundraising webinars brought to you by Greater Giving. Each session is packed with expert insights to elevate your fundraising game and ensure a memorable and profitable event.

Top Fundraising Webinars from 2023

1. Rallying Your Fundraising Board Scott Jones of Raising Paddles Fundraising Webinar on Demand 2024

Join Scott Jones of Raising Paddles in this enlightening fundraising webinar where he delves into the fundraising cycle through the eyes of a Professional Auctioneer and Senior Consultant. Discover key strategies, including cultivating a culture of philanthropy and focusing on donor-centric approaches. Learn how to rally your fundraising board for maximum impact, creating a roadmap to success.

2. How to Raise Paddles and Raise More Money Sam Swaim of Swaim Strategies

Unlock the secrets behind a successful paddle raise with Samantha Swaim, Fundraising Event Consultant at Swaim Strategies. From the basics to advanced strategies, grasp the science behind the paddle raise and discover how to make it a celebratory success at your next event.

3. The Magic of Momentum: Building The Most Profitable Event Timeline Kelly Russell Artisan Auctions

Join Greater Giving and Kelly Russell of Artisan Auctions as they explore the art of building a profitable event timeline. Break free from repetitive event structures and learn how to plan with momentum for maximum attendee engagement. A well-planned event not only captivates but also ensures a steady stream of funds.

4. Did You Take Care of That? Event Logistics to Check Off Your List  Gazala Uradnik GFS Events Fundraising Webinar

Ready to dive into event planning? Tune into this fundraising webinar from Greater Giving and Gazala Uradnik, Founder of GFS Events, for essential tips to guide your pre-event preparations. From logistics to licensing and timelines to volunteers, ensure your groundwork sets the stage for a successful fundraising event.

Don’t Miss Out – Watch, Learn, and Elevate Your Events with These Fundraising Webinars!

Before you start crafting your 2024 event plans, make sure to watch these fundraising webinars. Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to make your next fundraising event a resounding success. Happy fundraising!


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