Recap of Top 5 Fundraising Blog Posts in 2023

Recap of Top 5 Fundraising Blog Posts in 2023

Unlocking Success: Recap of Greater Giving’s Top 5 Fundraising blog post in 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023 and gear up for a promising new year of fundraising, it’s essential to reflect on the valuable insights our fundraising blog posts have offered throughout the past year. Let’s take a stroll down the digital memory lane and revisit the top five blog posts that will fuel your success in the upcoming endeavors.

1. Year-Round Event Ideas: Sustaining Momentum Beyond Seasons

In our first standout fundraising blog post, we delved into the realm of year-round event planning. Discover innovative strategies to maintain donor engagement and support throughout all seasons. From creative themes to adaptable fundraising formats, this post provides a roadmap for keeping the momentum alive, ensuring your cause remains at the forefront of your community’s consciousness.

2. 9 Fun Golf Tournament Ideas: A Hole-in-One for Fundraising Success

Golf tournaments are a classic and effective way to raise funds. Our second featured fundraising blog post breaks down nine unique and engaging golf tournament ideas that go beyond the traditional 18 holes. Uncover inventive ways to infuse fun, excitement, and philanthropy into your next golf event, making it an unforgettable experience for both participants and supporters.

3. Event Committee Chair Role: The Captain of Your Fundraising Ship

Behind every successful fundraising event is a dedicated committee, and at the helm is the Event Committee Chair. Our third fundraising blog post focuses on the pivotal role this individual plays in orchestrating a seamless and prosperous fundraiser. Gain insights into the responsibilities and strategic thinking required for a committee chair to navigate the complexities of event planning.

4. School Auction Fundraising: Nurturing Future Generations

School fundraisers hold a special place in our hearts. Our fourth fundraising blog post emphasizes the critical factors that contribute to their success. From involving students and parents to leveraging digital platforms, this post serves as a comprehensive guide for creating impactful and rewarding school fundraising initiatives. Uncover the keys to fostering a sense of community and philanthropy within educational institutions.

5. 7 Ways to Celebrate National Volunteer Week: Honoring Your Pillars of Support

Volunteers are the unsung heroes of every successful fundraising campaign. In our fifth and final featured fundraising blog post, we explore seven heartwarming and creative ways to celebrate National Volunteer Week. Discover meaningful gestures, recognition ideas, and activities to express gratitude to the dedicated individuals who generously donate their time.

Lessons from these Fundraising blog posts for the New Year

Let these top five fundraising blog posts from 2023 serve as your compass for navigating the dynamic landscape of fundraising. Whether you’re planning year-round events, golf tournaments, school fundraisers, or honoring your volunteers, Greater Giving is committed to providing you with the insights and resources needed to make 2024 a remarkable year for your cause. Here’s to new heights of success and impact in the world of fundraising!

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