Year-Round Fundraising Event Ideas | Infographic

Year-Round Fundraising Event Ideas

If you’re a nonprofit organization, fundraising is an essential part of keeping your doors open. One way to make sure that you have consistent funds is to plan fundraisers throughout the year.

There are many benefits to hosting your own fundraising events — from building donor loyalty and increasing visibility, to cultivating deeper relationships with supporters. But you may be struggling to come up with fundraising event ideas for an event that’s both fun and profitable.

We’ve designed an infographic to help you plan fundraisers throughout the year.

Whether it’s for a school or non-profit, having a fundraising event in mind will help make planning easier and more efficient!

To maximize your fundraising efforts, we recommend planning events at least six months in advance so that you have plenty of time to promote them before they happen. In addition, organizing your events ahead of time, will allow you to focus your energy on execution rather than finding new ideas.

With monthly fundraising event ideas, you will always be prepared to raise funds all year long.

If you want to raise money for your organization year-round, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. In fact, it can be a great idea to have a few fundraising events planned throughout the year so that you’ll always have funds ready to fulfill your mission. By using the ideas in this post, you’ll be able to plan year-round fundraisers and build better events that you and others will enjoy and find very successful.

2023 Calendar of Year-Round Fundraising Event Ideas

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