3 Reasons Why You Should Host a Fun Run or A-thon

3 Reasons to Host a Fun Run or A-Thon

A fun run or A-thon is an excellent way of attracting new donors and volunteers,

Hosting a Fun Run or A-thon is an easy way to raise funds for your cause. It’s also a great way to secure a reliable stream of revenue while engaging with your community. Here are three reasons why every organization should host one:

Raise funds year-round.

One of the best things about hosting an event or a-thon is that you can host it any time of the year. It will give you an opportunity to build a sustainable fundraising program that can grow for years to come.

This makes it easier for people to become involved with your organization and support its mission in small ways over time.

It’s an opportunity to honor someone or celebrate a cause.

A fun run or A-thon is an opportunity to honor someone or celebrate a cause. If you are planning an event, consider how you may want to incorporate these elements into the day. Is there someone in your community who has overcome some challenges and deserves recognition? Or would you like to raise money and awareness for your cause?

A fun run is also a great way for non-runners to get started in running. Most courses are flat, run around one mile (1.6 km), and allow runners of all ages and levels of athleticism participate together. Let’s say that your family member wants to participate but isn’t completely comfortable getting out there on her own yet—she could sign up as part of a team where she will be accompanied by another runner who knows what they’re doing!

The best part about hosting your own fun run or A-thon is that it doesn’t cost much at all; you can recruit volunteers willing to help organize things beforehand so they go smoothly on race day itself!

Increase Engagement with your community

Hosting a fun run or A-thon can help you engage with your community in many ways that will benefit your organization. It’s an event where people come together and participate as a group, which can create a sense of community around the cause. This feeling of camaraderie helps build trust between members of your organization and encourages more volunteers, donors, and audience members to join in because they want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

You may also be able to get new volunteers by hosting this type of activity; after all, running is a great way to meet people! When people come out for fun runs or A-thons they get exercise while supporting their favorite cause at the same time—what could be better? Those who are new runners might want to start small by volunteering at one before trying it themselves so there’s no pressure on them if it doesn’t go well right away (and if it does go well then yay!).

Hosting a Fun Run or A-thon is easy.

Whether you’re looking to raise funds year-round or get people involved in your cause, hosting a Fun Run or A-thon is the perfect way to do it. For more tips on how to get started with this type of event, check out our Year-Round Fundraising Ideas Infographic.

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