Serve Up Success: Hosting a Pickleball Tournament Fundraiser

Serve Up Success: Hosting a Pickleball Tournament Fundraiser

Calling all Pickleball Enthusiasts and Fundraising Champions!

Our survey revealed that 62% of nonprofits host between 2-6 events per year. Are you looking for a fun, active, and impactful event option to raise money for your favorite cause? A pickleball tournament fundraiser might just be the perfect ace you’ve been serving up.

But planning a successful event takes more than just setting up nets and slinging dinks. So grab your paddle, put on your thinking cap, and let’s dive into the key ingredients for a memorable and profitable pickleball fundraiser:

Planning Your Pickleball Tournament Matches

Pickleball Skill LevelsWho, What, Why

Define your target audience (beginners, advanced players?), the cause you’re supporting, and your fundraising goals. This will guide your format and budget. Pickleball Player Skill Ratings range from 1.0-5.5+. Pickleball is quickly growing in popularity so introducing new players to the sport can be done easily with some pre-tournament play nights. If you are targeting higher skilled players you may also look into sanctioning your event with USA Pickleball.

Courtside Clarity

Pick a date, time, and venue with courts for your expected participants. Consider availability, accessibility, and potential rental fees.

Format Fun

Choose singles or doubles play, round robin or knockout tournaments,mixed genders or specific divisions. Cater to different skill levels to attract a wider audience. Depending on how big your tournament is, you may need to break it into a two day event.

Fundraising Forehand

Set registration fees, offer sponsorship opportunities, and explore additional revenue enhancers like raffles, silent auctions, or food/drink/ retail vendors.

Popular Sponsorships Include

  • Tournament Sponsor
  • Court Sponsor – Depending on how many courts you have available to you this can be sold multiple times and recognize sponsors on the court with a banner.
  • Ball Sponsor
  • Kitchen Sponsor – Sponsor a space that all participants can go for complimentary water and snacks to keep them fueled up
  • Trophy Sponsor
  • Scorecard Sponsor
  • Dink Sponsor

Pickleball Tournament Marketing & Networking

Digital Dink

Create a dedicated event page with all the juicy details: format, registration,sponsorships, cause information. Promote it on social media, local forums, and pickleball communities.

Press Play

Partner with local media outlets, radio stations, or community newspapers to spread the word. Press releases, interviews, and event listings can be your winning strokes. See if your local media partners will join you on the court for some first hand action!

Pickleball Doubles MatchGet Social

Don’t underestimate the power of social media! Engage your audience with eye-catching graphics, behind-the-scenes peeks, and contests to generate excitement.

Connect & Collaborate

Reach out to local pickleball clubs, parks and recreation departments, and businesses for potential sponsorships or partnerships. If you aren’t too familiar with Pickleball rules and how to run a tournament they can really help you with the logistics on your event planning committee.

Game Day Pickleball Perfection

Volunteer Volley

Recruit volunteers for registration, scorekeeping, refreshments, and raffle/auction management. A well-oiled team is key to a smooth game.

Welcome & Warm-Up

Create a welcoming atmosphere with clear signage, a registration desk, and pre-game activities. Consider music, light refreshments, and opportunities for participants to mingle.

Matches & More

Ensure smooth tournament flow with clear rules, designated referees,and scorekeeping sheets. Add fun elements like music between matches, skills challenges, or contests.

Celebrate the Pickleball Tournament Winners

Recognize winners and runners-up with trophies, medals, or Tournament SWAG. Highlight the impact of their participation on the cause you’re supporting.

By following these tips and adding your own creative spin, you can host a pickleball tournament fundraiser that serves up fun, community spirit, and significant fundraising achievements. So grab your paddle, gather your team, and get ready to ace this event! Remember, with careful planning, enthusiastic promotion, and a focus on fun and community, your pickleball tournament fundraiser can be a real smash hit!

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