The MEGA TICKET Advantage for Your Golf Tournament

The MEGA TICKET Advantage for Your Golf Tournament

Hole in One for Fundraising: The MEGA TICKET Advantage for Your Golf Tournament

Golf tournaments are a fundraising mainstay for many nonprofits, but maximizing revenue can feel like navigating a tricky sand trap. This year, give your fundraising game a birdie with the MEGA TICKET! It’s a one-stop shop for golfer goodies, boosting engagement and revenue in a single, convenient package.

Why the MEGA TICKET Wins

Convenience is King

Golfers can snag mulligans, raffle entries, and game participation in one fell swoop. No more chasing them down for individual purchases.

Increased Revenue

Offer the bundle at a premium compared to buying items separately. Golfers get a deal, you get a fundraising boost.

Enhanced Excitement

The MEGA TICKET adds a layer of anticipation. Will they snag the longest drive prize? It creates a fun, interactive element.

Promotional Power

Highlight the ticket as a way to elevate the golfing experience. Promote it pre-event and watch sales soar.

MEGA TICKET Magic: What to Include


Everyone loves a do-over! Include a few mulligans to ease frustration and add a touch of fun.

Raffle Tickets

Up the excitement with a chance to win fantastic prizes. Local experiences, sports memorabilia, or tech gadgets can entice golfers.

Game Entries

Adding games to your golf tournament not only increases your revenue, but engagement with golfers. Consider including a ticket for the longest drive contest, closest-to-the-pin challenge, or putting competition.

Bonus Perks

Think beyond the green! Offer food and beverage vouchers, discounts on merchandise, or a free sleeve of balls.

MEGA TICKET: A Marketing Marvel

Promote your MEGA TICKET on all channels:

  • Event Website: Highlight its benefits and showcase the included perks.
  • Email Blasts and texts: Target registered golfers and emphasize the convenience and value.
  • Social Media: Create engaging posts showcasing the bundle opportunity and its potential rewards.
  • Signage at the event: Have a station near check-in with clear signage

Make it a Hole-in-One for Your Cause

The MEGA TICKET is a simple yet powerful way to elevate your golf tournament’s fundraising potential. By offering convenience, value, and a touch of excitement, you’ll engage golfers and boost your bottom line. So, grab your clubs, embrace the MEGA TICKET, and watch your fundraising game reach par excellence!


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