Summer Fundraising: Engaging Your Donors

Summer Fundraising Ideas to engage your nonprofit donors

Summer of Giving and Engaging

For many nonprofit fundraising professionals, summer fundraising can feel like a marathon where you’re running uphill. Donors are often out of town, inboxes are overflowing with vacation photos, and the urge to focus on serious matters like charitable giving can dwindle. But fear not, fellow fundraisers! Here at Greater Giving, we believe summer presents a unique opportunity to connect with your donors in a fresh, engaging way.

The Summer Fundraising Challenge: Reaching Out When Attention is Elsewhere

Let’s face it, summer can feel like a fundraising obstacle course. Here are some common struggles you might be facing:

  • Fundraising Fatigue: After a busy spring campaign, both donors and your fundraising team might feel a bit burnt out.
  • Decreased Donor Engagement: Competition for attention is fierce during the summer months.
  • Shifting Priorities: Donors may be focused on leisure activities and less likely to prioritize charitable giving.
  • Travel and Busy Schedules: Traditional outreach methods like phone calls or in-person events might not be as effective.

Beating the Heat: Strategies for Successful Summer Fundraising

Don’t let these challenges dampen your spirit! Here are some creative ideas to keep your donors engaged and donations flowing throughout the summer:

Embrace the Season

Theme Your Appeals: Incorporate summer themes into your emails and social media posts. Think “Be a Summer Hero,” “Fueling Smiles this Summer,” or “Making a Splash with Your Support.”

Highlight Summer Programs: Showcase how your organization makes a difference during the summer months. Are you providing summer meals for children, organizing environmental clean-up projects, or hosting educational summer camps? Tell the stories of those you serve and how summer donations make these initiatives possible.

Focus on Engagement, Not Just Transactions:

Share Impact Stories with a Summer Twist: Feature stories of beneficiaries enjoying summer thanks to your organization’s work. This could be children participating in a summer camp or a family enjoying a park revitalized by your efforts.

Run Social Media Giveaway or contest: Host a giveaway where participants share their favorite summer memories while tagging your organization. This increases brand awareness and encourages community interaction. Another option is to partner with a few local businesses that relate to your mission to host a giveaway and gain more followers in the process.

Plan Virtual Events: Organize webinars or virtual fundraising events that are accessible to those on the go. Consider inviting guest speakers who can share their expertise on a summery topic relevant to your cause.

Make Giving Easy and Rewarding:

Offer Matching Gifts: Partner with companies that offer matching gift programs to encourage larger donations during the summer months.

Promote Recurring Gifts: Remind donors about the convenience and impact of recurring gifts. Highlight the fact that even a small monthly donation can make a big difference over the summer.

Show Gratitude: A simple “Thank You for Your Summer Support” email goes a long way or host a Thank-a-thon. Express your appreciation for their continued generosity throughout the year.

Remember, summer doesn’t have to be a fundraising graveyard. By adapting your approach and embracing the season’s spirit, you can turn those lazy summer days into a time of connection and continued support for your cause. So, get creative, have fun, and keep that summer giving spirit flowing!


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