Conquering Donation Procurement for Your Fundraising Event

Conquering Donation Procurement for Your Fundraising Event

Conquering Donation Procurement: Track, Thank, and Triumph at Your Next Fundraising Event

As fundraising professionals, we know the magic of a well-stocked fundraising event. Fundraising procurement of donated items fuels excitement,drives bids, and ultimately, raises crucial funds for your cause. But managing those donations, from initial request to final bid sheet, can feel like a logistical nightmare.

Fear not, fellow fundraisers! This post will equip you with the essentials of procurement, from building a strategic wish list to tracking donations with ease. We’ll also explore how Greater Giving Software can streamline the process, allowing you to focus on what matters most: securing incredible donations and exceeding your fundraising goals.

Building a Winning Donation Procurement Strategy

Know Your Audience

Before diving into requests, consider your event’s theme, target audience, and past fundraising successes. What items have historically generated excitement and high bids? Who are your most generous donors, and what types of experiences or products might resonate with them?

Craft a Compelling Wish List

Don’t settle for a generic “donate anything” plea. Consider these opportunities from The ShareWay as you create a targeted wish list that highlights items with broad appeal or align with your cause. Think weekend getaways, unique experiences, or merchandise from popular brands. Customize your request to the donor and include ideas you’ve seen at other events.  Example, if you know someone that is really into their dogs, ask them to put together a dog basket.

Leverage Your Network

Don’t underestimate the power of your existing network! Reach out to past donors, board members, and even local businesses. Highlight the impact of their contribution and the positive exposure they’ll receive at your event.

Tracking Donations: From Request to Reality

Embrace Organization

Gone are the days of sticky notes and spreadsheets. Consider using fundraising software like Greater Giving to manage your entire procurement process. This allows you to:

  • Create and track procurement requests: Record details like desired items, potential donors, and follow-up dates.
  • Centralize communication: Streamline communication with donors through the platform, ensuring clear expectations and timely updates.
  • Express gratitude: Send personalized thank-you messages to donors directly through the software, fostering positive relationships.

The Power of Real-Time Data

Greater Giving offers real-time insights into your procurement progress. See what items have been secured, what requests are outstanding, and identify any gaps in your wish list. This allows you to adjust your strategy as needed and maximize your fundraising potential.

From Donation Procurement to Bid Sheets: Getting Ready for Lift Off

Generate Professional Bid Sheets

With Greater Giving, creating professional bid sheets for your silent auction is a breeze. The software automatically populates information about each item, including photos, descriptions, starting bids and increments. This ensures a polished presentation for your event with less of a manual lift from your staff and volunteers.

Streamline Donation Procurement Management

Greater Giving helps you manage the logistics of donated items. Track their arrival, assign them to volunteers, and ensure everything is ready for the big day.

Post-Event Success

Don’t forget to follow up with donors after your event! Express your sincere gratitude for their contribution and share the impact of their generosity. Greater Giving allows you to easily send personalized thank you emails or letters with key fundraising results.

By implementing these strategies and leveraging the power of Greater Giving Software, you can transform donation procurement from a headache to a well-oiled machine. You’ll secure incredible items, build lasting relationships with donors, and ultimately, achieve fundraising success.

To learn more about how to Secure Unforgettable Items for your Next Fundraiser watch our webinar with Hannah Yang, CEO & Founder of The Shareway . 


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