How to: Silent Auction Bid Sheets

How to: Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Silent Auction Bid Sheets: The Secret Weapon of Your Next Fundraising Event

Planning a silent auction? You’ve secured fantastic items, and the anticipation is building! To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for your guests, consider using well-designed silent auction bid sheets.

These sheets aren’t just for tracking bids – they’re a chance to make a positive impact on your donors. The better they’re designed, the more successful your silent auction will be.

Crafting Effective Silent Auction Bid Sheets SIlent Auction Basket example

Here are key elements to consider when creating your silent auction bid sheets:

  • Individuality Matters: Create a unique bid sheet for each item. Include the item number, title, and a clear description. Don’t forget to mark the item itself with the matching number to avoid confusion! (See photo: The basket pictured has a large tag with an Package # that matches the Bid Sheet.)
  • Polish and Readability: Use event management software or create your sheets in a program like Word or Excel. Skip handwritten options, which can be difficult to read. Opt for a large font (12 pt or higher) and print on light-colored paper for optimal legibility.
  • Bidder Tracking: Design a clear table with separate columns for bidder numbers and bid increments.
  • Anonymous Bidding: Maintain a friendly competition by using bidder numbers instead of names.
  • Clear Communication: List bid increments prominently to avoid confusion.
  • Branding for Recognition: Include your organization’s logo or event name to keep your cause top-of-mind.
  • Multiple Sections? For auctions with multiple sections, clearly show the item’s section and closing time.

Optional Feature: The Guaranteed Purchase

Consider including a “Guaranteed Purchase” option. This allows bidders to secure an item for a set price (around 150% of the item’s value).

Software Solutions for Streamlined Bid Sheets

Greater Giving Event Software provides multiple options for printing professional-looking silent auction bid sheets, including a wizard that allows you to customize the layout. To learn more, visit: Greater Giving Event Software. As part of a well-orchestrated event, great silent auction bid sheets can help improve your guests’ experience and simplify the bidding process.

Going Digital: Online Bidding

Want to ditch the paper altogether? Explore online bidding! Guests use their smartphones or tablets to bid on items from anywhere at the event, receiving text notifications when they’ve been outbid. This allows participation even for those who can’t attend in person. Mobile bidding is convenient, engaging, and ultimately leads to higher fundraising success.

Here’s an example of a bid sheet created in Greater Giving Event Software. How do you create bid sheets?

Silent Auction Bid Sheet for Nonprofit Fundraising Event



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