Summertime Stewards: Cultivating Monthly Donors

Monthly Donors during summertime fundraising

Summertime Stewards: Cultivating Monthly Donors in Warmer Months

The sun is shining, vacations are booked, and… monthly donations might be taking a dip? While summer can bring a shift in donor behavior, it also presents a golden opportunity to cultivate a loyal base of monthly givers. Here at Greater Giving, we believe summertime isn’t a fundraising foe – it’s a season to nurture long-term support!

The Power of Monthly Donors

Monthly donations are the lifeblood of many nonprofits. They provide a predictable income stream, allowing you to plan more effectively and deliver your mission with greater consistency. But, how do you entice donors to sign up for recurring gifts during the carefree summer months?

Summer Strategies for Stewarding Monthly Donors

Here are some strategies to keep your monthly giving program thriving throughout the summer:

Highlight the Impact of Consistency:

  • Summer Impact Series: Showcase the ongoing impact of monthly donations through a series of blog posts, social media stories, or email newsletters. Share stories of beneficiaries who are continuously supported by recurring gifts.
  • Visualize the Power: Create infographics or short videos that demonstrate how small, consistent donations add up to make a significant difference over time.

Make it Easy and Rewarding

  • Summer Sign-Up Bonus: Offer a limited-time incentive for new monthly donors during the summer months. This could be a matching gift opportunity for the first few months or a special welcome package.
  • Seamless Giving Options: Ensure your donation page is mobile-friendly and offers a clear, easy-to-find option for signing up for monthly giving. You can also add a QR code for printed materials or a text-to-donate code to make it easy for any donor to give no matter where they are.

Steward Your Existing Monthly Donors

  • Summer Thank You Campaign: Send personalized emails or handwritten notes expressing your gratitude to your existing monthly donors. Highlight the specific impact their ongoing support has during the summer months.
  • Exclusive Content: Offer exclusive content or experiences to your monthly donors as a token of appreciation. This could be a behind-the-scenes look at your summer programs or an invitation to a virtual event with a special guest.

By implementing these strategies, you can nurture a thriving community of summertime stewards – monthly donors who understand the power of consistent giving and are dedicated to supporting your mission year-round. Remember, summer is a time for connection and community building. Leverage the season’s spirit to cultivate lasting relationships with your monthly donors and watch your summer fundraising efforts blossom!

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