Year-Round Procurement

Year-Round Procurement

Procuring the most desirable items for your fundraising auction is hard work, but with a little bit of inspiration and a focused effort, you can deliver genius—and big sales!—at your next fundraising auction. This webinar will deliver pragmatic best practice and ingenious tips collected from successful fundraisers, plus real-life examples and expertise from two experienced and inspirational auctioneers. Watch the webinar »

Sponsorship Strategy

Sponsorship Strategy

Attracting and signing sponsors for your gala or a-thon is mission-critical. Supportive sponsors can turn a run-of-the-mill fundraising effort into a home run. But after the event, what then? By extending a sponsor relationship beyond your event, you—and your sponsor—can reap significant rewards. Join Greater Giving and a panel of experts as we explore sponsorship issues from the nonprofit and sponsors’ point of view. Watch the webinar »

Leveraging Your Board

Leveraging Your Board

For most nonprofits, having a Board of Directors is a given. However, many nonprofits feel that their Board takes a passive rather than active role in the organization, viewing their Board membership as an obligation rather than an exciting opportunity to contribute. Would you like your Board members to become dynamic contributors to your organization? in this webinar, we discuss best practice for recruiting and managing Board members to achieve optimal results with two seasoned philanthropy consultants who are experts at coaching nonprofits to coax the very best from every member of their Board. Watch the webinar »

Engaging Your Entire Audience

Many guests who attend charity auctions come with their hearts and pocket books open, yet leave without getting the chance to give or feel included in the fundraising process. A big reason for this is because the event isn't inclusive enough, and caters to the small percentage of guests who can afford big ticket items in the live — for everybody else the live auction is just a spectator sport. Your invaluable donors have made an investment in time and money to attend your event, so make sure to include them from start to finish! This webinar will explain how to engage your entire audience during the live event with fun and creative fundraising ideas. Watch the webinar »

Peer-to-peer Fundraising

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: A-thons and More

Peer-to-peer fundraising enables your supporters to raise money for your cause- with minimal fundraising work for you. But many organizations believe that a) driving a-thon participants to raise funds requires more work and time than planning and executing a gala fundraiser and b) peer-to-peer fundraising only works well when driven by an a-thon. At this webinar, you'll learn how Austin Habitat for Humanity repeatedly puts new spins on peer-to-peer fundraising to make each campaign fresh and appealing to supporters and donors. And we'll share peer-to-peer fundraising best practice and examples from Greater Giving clients who've planned and executed successful campaigns- some using a-thons and some using ingenious alternatives. Watch the webinar »

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Campaign

Do you know about Giving Tuesday, yet don’t feel your organization has the time and resources to tap into the movement? Over 10K non-profits are now participating within the U.S.—with the most successful campaigns including simple online donation pages tied to matching gifts and community involvement. In this webinar you'll learn the 5 easy steps to launch your campaign including matching gifts, social media, and donation page creation with Online Payments. Watch the webinar »

4 week event plan

4 Weeks to Your Event Plan

Your fundraising event is in four weeks. Where do you focus your efforts during this critical time to maximize revenue opportunities at your event—and reduce your stress? In this webinar, fundraising expert Samantha Swaim will cover the five key tasks that will help you gracefully and efficiently navigate the most challenging phase of benefit event execution and deliver an event that flows smoothly on event night and meets your fundraising goals. Watch the webinar »

Building Better Events

Building Better Events

Based on Greater Giving client input, and working with a team of talented and experienced event planners, this webinar addresses the key concerns of nonprofit fundraisers holding benefit auctions. Topics include: • Volunteers: recruiting, managing, and retaining • Sponsors: recruiting, retaining, and program development • Event promotion: marketing, attracting new guests and online programs • Budgeting: ticket pricing, cutting unnecessary expenses, and revenue projection • Operational efficiency: getting the best return on investment, leveraging past event experience Watch the webinar »

6 months out

Key Focus Areas for ‘Six Months Out’

Your committees are in place. Your kick-off meeting attendees were committed and enthusiastic. You have a budget, a venue, and have chosen a benefit auctioneer. You’re feeling great about your progress. And yet… You only have six months left before your key revenue resource for the year takes place! Are you securely positioned for fundraising success? It’s time to really step up your efforts and get strategic so you can overreach your goals. This webinar will focus on the key strategies you’ll need to implement to increase your fundraising, improve your sponsorship solicitation, and maximize your special appeal. Watch the webinar »