Procure Buzzworthy Travel for Your Auction

Travel is the number 1 selling charity auction item in the country, but it can also be the most difficult package to procure. Most charity fundraisers are not complete without a dazzling live and silent auction to delight donors and maximize revenue.

Join Ian Lauth with Winspire and Tracey Lorts of Greater Giving for this exciting webinar discussing how your organization can best utilize no-risk travel in your fundraising events based on the experiences of over 20,000 successful fundraising events that have used no-risk travel packages.
In this webinar, we cover:
• 3 reasons travel performs well in auctions
• 5 key strategies to consider when using no-risk travel


To find out more about reserving a no-risk travel package for your next auction, visit Greater Giving’s Auction Booster site powered by Winspire.