The Ultimate Event Day Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

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You’ve spent the last nine months—or more—preparing for the big day of your event. All the ducks are in a row, and it’s time to finalize the last details…

We know the pressure is on. But you shouldn’t have to carry all that weight on your shoulders alone!

To ensure your day goes off without a hitch, we’ve compiled a detailed checklist for you: some final tasks to complete, things to bring with you on the day of your event, and tips from our experts to help you kick off the best auction possible.

The Ultimate Event Day Checklist Infographic


The Ultimate Fundraising Event Day Checklist Infographic

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» Download The Ultimate Event Day Checklist in Printable PDF Layout.

The Ultimate Event Day Checklist Details

We have added some additional detail for each item in the infographic to provide a little more insight.

Verify Your Data

First, check that you’ve completed all of your initial data entry into your event management software, if you plan to use it. If you already did that last week, and over the last few months, simply double-check it again and fill in any gaps.


  • Ensure auction packages you plan to sell are entered correctly, with a fair market total value, starting bid amount, and minimum bid increment.
  • Confirm live auction order. Be sure some time is spent planning for both interest in packages and their fair market value and ordering them accordingly.
  • Print off silent auction bid sheets, if having a pen and paper auction.
  • Make sure you know where all items for silent and live auction packages are currently stored.
  • Plan appealing displays for silent auction packages and prepare them for event night.
  • If needed, create tracking sheets for the live auction.


  • Check that all last-minute guests have been entered, including those few remaining names sent in late by sponsors.
  • Print off guest lists, then check them against your data. Is everyone showing up on the list?
  • Make sure all guests have been assigned bid numbers.
  • Make sure all guests have been assigned a seat at a table.
  • Plan for a way for guests to be provided with their bidder number and table assignment at check in. One way would be providing guests with bid paddles that also have a sticker with table assignment and bidder name.

Vendor/Venues Checklist

  • Test your internet connection prior to the event, and again on the morning of the event. This is especially important if you are using mobile bidding.
  • Confirm venue layout with the correct contact. Ensure all guest tables and chairs are on the plan, along with bar areas, silent auction, check-in, and any other revenue builders like wall of wine have a location. Make sure the venue knows how many tables, chairs, etc. you’re going to need, and communicate with your venue contact.
  • Ensure that your catering company (if using one) has coordinated with your venue for any setup needs and their arrival and departure times.
  • Confirm your parking plan. Is it valet only? Are guests responsible for their own parking? Or do you have parking validation to offer?
  • Build a detailed event night timeline including each vendors arrival time and all important aspects of your event. Include times when you do not want servers on the floor during your program (if having a plated dinner).
  • Provide your AV team with any needed presentations, videos, and music. Confirm lighting plans, microphone needs, and program timeline.

Software, Equipment, and Materials

  • If you’re using event management software, check that your volunteers have access to it.
  • Ensure you have a way to provide receipts at the end of the night. If using event management software, set up your receipt to include all the relevant information on it, such as purchases, tax information about your organization, and contact information if guests have questions about their purchases.
  • Print out reports and printed materials you’ll need such as guest lists, table charts, bid sheets, blank bidder registration forms, etc.
  • Have all your computer, printer, and credit card processing equipment packed up and ready to go the night before the event.
  • Create an equipment checklist so you know it all arrived safely.
  • If using laptops at registration, we suggest providing volunteers with keyboards and mice for ease of use.
  • Make a list of supplies you’ll need. Check it twice before you leave the office and head out to the venue.
  • Make a list of supplies you’ll need. Check it twice before you leave the office and head out to the venue.
    • Bid cards and bidder files
    • Printing paper
    • Staplers and paper clips
    • Pens and highlighters
    • Files for storing receipts
    • Scissors
  • Assemble all printed materials needed for event night. This could include:
    • Auction programs
    • Bid cards/paddles
    • Menu cards
    • Donation envelopes
    • Directional signs
    • Venue map that includes location of silent auction, check in, item pickup, and any other location of note

Staff and Volunteers

  • Be sure to establish an area for volunteers, and set up a volunteer check-in station.
  • Equip it with a list of teams (who is doing what), when you expect them to arrive, and contact information for each volunteer.
  • Have a volunteer orientation so volunteers understand their expected conduct and know where to go with questions.
  • Train volunteers on-site on how to use the event management software. Provide training by team, e.g. walk registration volunteers through registering guests, and show bid helpers how to approach and assist guests with bidding.
  • Have a volunteer area with snacks and beverages, and be sure each volunteer team has a designated break time. Bonus Points: Provide volunteers with something other than pizza for dinner to make them feel extra appreciated.
  • Run through event program and script with any speakers, including staff, board members, and beneficiaries. Test sound and lighting for each portion of the program and transitioning between the Master/Mistress of Ceremonies.

Mobile Bidding

If you plan to have mobile bidding available at your event, we have a few extra steps we recommend you take to be fully prepared for the big night.

  • Test cellular reception everywhere in your auction venue.
  • Make sure wireless is up and running and provides a good signal throughout your venue. If a password is required, make it easily available to guests.
  • Ensure in your event software that packages are properly configured for Mobile Bidding and placed in the appropriate sections, so they will populate on guests’ mobile devices.
  • Instruct volunteers to collect and record mobile numbers for any guests who don’t have one on file.
  • Clearly communicate to guests the closing time of each section of the silent auction.
  • Check your online/mobile bidding settings one more time before going live!

Have a Great Event!

» Download The Ultimate Event Day Checklist in Printable PDF Layout.

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