Make Year-End Giving Simple

It’s that time of year again when nonprofits and schools focus on Year-End giving and #GivingTuesday campaigns.

People are busier and more distracted than ever during this time though, so make sure to give your supporters a quick, secure and easy way to donate to your end of year giving campaigns.

The easier it is to donate at the end of the year, the greater chance people will do it.

Not only should donating be easy to do on a donor’s own time—it shouldn’t require mailing a check or attending a live or virtual event either. Allow donors from anywhere to donate, and you’ll increase visibility to supporters outside your immediate community who are interested in your cause.

So how do you make donating to year-end fundraising easy and accessible from everywhere, at any time?

Well, what do most people have near them always?
A mobile device. A computer. The internet!

 Whether its Year-End giving, capital campaigns, GivingTuesday, matching gifts, or year-round giving, make sure your fundraising software provides you the flexibility and tools to facilitate your end of year campaign ideas strategies. View our Year-End Toolkit.

If you’re not already providing donors a simple way to donate to your cause online, well—you’re leaving perfectly good money sitting on the table.

These days, people have their phones with them 24/7. The moment someone hears about you, or remembers it’s that time of year again… all your donors have to do is pick up the phone and enter their credit card information to contribute to your year-end fundraising campaigns.

Add a DONATE button to your end-of-year appeal emails so all donors have to do is click!

At the end of the year, everyone is focused on family, cooking, and celebrating—making every minute count.

Asking a donor to fill out a long paper form and mail it in, or click through webpage after webpage, can be the difference between a donor completing their donation… and giving up.

Give your donors an easy and secure way to donate.

Take your donors’ safety and security as seriously as you take your own! Keeping donor information on paper—especially sensitive information such as addresses or credit card numbers—is a security hazard.

In an age where identity theft and credit card fraud run rampant, taking donations on paper doesn’t instill a lot of confidence. Protecting your donors’ personal information is just as important as getting the donation at all.

Online year-end fundraising donations aren’t only more secure… it’s also easier for you!

Build your audience with an Online Payments donation form.

When someone donates through your Greater Giving online form, all of their contact information is automatically collected and stored for future events. And if you don’t have much time, there is a built-in #GivingTuesday template in the software you can set up in minutes.

Now you can use that contact information to reach out to your donors again for future opportunities to participate, and watch your audience grow.

So how do I set up my one-click donation form?

If you’re a current Greater Giving Event Software client, there’s a good chance you already have our online donation platform, Online Payments.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you have our Online Payments product, just give us a call! We’re happy to help you out. Contact Us Here.

And if you aren’t a current Greater Giving client yet, and are interested in year-end fundraising campaigns, it’s easy to sign up for Online Payments—and you don’t need to commit to a whole software bundle.

Make donating easy, fast, and fun for your donors—while you raise more money!

And remember: there’s more than one “end of the year” event.

The biggest benefit of a simple, one-click online donation form is that it allows for year-round fundraising campaigns. If you’re only focusing on the year-end giving campaign, you’re not capitalizing on donors who might be fatigued by then.

Push your ongoing capital campaigns before the holiday crunch hits. Don’t forget about #GivingTuesday, an event in early December after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping rush, where people are already prepared to donate, along with your usual year-end fundraising.

Just link to your Online Payments donation form whenever you send out an email, and give your donors the opportunity to support you!

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