Increase Your Year-End Fundraising Donations

Is your end-of-year fundraising campaign feeling lackluster? Are you having trouble getting donations from new donors—even from existing donors who gave last year?

Before December 31st hits, here’s how you can amp up your capital campaign to encourage last-minute donations and meet your year-end fundraising goals.

Start by refining your message

Establish a clear call to action; tell donors why they should be donating, and then clearly outline how to go about doing it.
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Be specific with your goals. What will dollars raised during your end-of-year campaign accomplish? Don’t be afraid of crafting an emotional appeal. Use images so potential donors can visually identify with your mission. For example: “Your donation of $20 will care for one cat for one week.” Spotlight a success story within your organization as a result of your donors’ previous donations—an animal you rescued, a child given a scholarship.

TIP: Design your page to reflect your campaign’s mission. Provide a list of suggested donation amounts to encourage higher donations—even better, illustrate what greater donations will help your organization accomplish.

Now, tell donors exactly what they can do to help. In your appeal emails, next to your call to action, include a large and obvious “DONATE” button that links back to your online donation page. And don’t forget to stress how urgent it is that your supporters donate now! Your mission is time-sensitive. Your goal is not just an arbitrary dollar amount, but is essential to saving lives, rescuing pets, or sending children to college.

During these last few months of the year, many non-profit organizations are vying for donors’ attention and dollars. Remember: even your most ardent supporters need to be reminded to donate from time to time. With kids back in school and the holidays ramping up, sometimes even veteran donors forget to follow up with their favorite charitable organizations. Gently remind them you’re still there, and you still need their help.

With your appeal in hand, set a schedule for sending out reminders between now and the end of the year to encourage those donors who haven’t yet given to do so by December 31st. Focus special attention on repeat donors—they’re your most likely allies.

TIP: Grab a list of repeat donor email addresses using your online donation form. Use that list to send a targeted email or snail mail campaign, thanking donors for contributing last year and reminding them that their continuing generosity is essential.

Last, but not least, always follow up after the New Year and thank your supporters again for donating. Show them memorable images and text describing how their money helped make the world a better place. Your donors support you because it brings them satisfaction. Encourage and maintain positive communication channels with your supporter network. Not everything you send to them is asking for money—some of it should be simply thanking them for their support and updating them on your mission’s progress!

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