#GivingTuesday, Day of Giving Back

Each year on #GivingTuesday, Greater Giving takes the day to volunteer and give of our time because we are thankful for the work of all our nonprofit and school clients across the country.

In advance of this year’s #GivingTuesday volunteer efforts, I sat down with some members of our team to reflect on their experiences volunteering at nonprofit organizations across the Portland, Oregon metro area, where our company is based.

During the last few years we’ve visited animal shelters, sorted clothing donations, and even helped install windows in a home for a family in need. For many employees, these volunteer efforts are a highlight of their year.

“I’ve been lucky enough to volunteer every #GivingTuesday with my co-workers at Greater Giving. new-avenues-groupFrom packaging food for the OR Food Bank; to helping prepare grieving packets for Dove Lewis; to sorting clothing donations at New Avenues for Youth- it means the world to me to step up and help my community every year. It’s an amazing way to kick off the holiday season!” -Jill

“#GivingTuesday reminds me that, in many ways, we are all connected – and I have a social responsibility to help lift my community up.” -Todd

“Having gone through a very hard time emotionally and economically when my husband passed away, leaving me with a business in crises, no insurance and a 3 year  old son,  we were helped out with food, Christmas presents and support by three different nonprofit groups.  It was a first hand experience in needing that kind of help and was very humbling.  Now I am in a place to give back and it feels good.” -Debby

“I enjoy #GivingTuesday because helping others connects us to our community and serves as on ongoing reminder of how many are still in need.” -Luke

And here are some tips from our team on hosting your own volunteer day on Giving Tuesday: 

  • Have a coordinator on-site to play point
  • Clearly communicate job description and expectations prior to event
  • Share a suggested dress code
  • Provide notes on transportation and parking prior to the event
  • Have a secure location to store volunteers personal belongings
  • Provide a handout with contact information to return to volunteer or make a donation
  • Send a thank you note! You could also thank the volunteer team on social media.

Keep in mind, individuals who volunteer with your organization are very likely to also donate! Give them a donation envelope after volunteering or in your email follow-up share your online donation page. We all know end of the year giving is generally strong, so empower your volunteers to give of both their time and money!

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