Fundraising Tips & Tricks

5 Problems to Avoid at Check-Out

Throughout a fundraising event, there are many opportunities to cement an impression that encourages giving and portrays your nonprofit as an effective organization. Don’t let that image slip away at the last minute with a difficult and disorganized check-out. During event check-out guests are anxious to get their prizes and wrap up the night, but… Read More »

Common Committee Roles Infographic Featured

Common Event Committee Roles [INFOGRAPHIC]

Common Event Committee Roles Big fundraising events can be complex, with lots of moving parts and plenty of details to coordinate. Having a clear idea of which roles need to be filled will help you create a top-notch committee with the right people in the right positions. This infographic was created based on our blog… Read More »

A Deep Dive Into Data Collection

Accurately entered donor information is invaluable to fundraising. It tells you who your contributors are and provide the foundation for all the strategies and tactics that will get you to your goals. Acquiring data at an event ensures you get the most current, accurate information. However, capturing the information that will best aid you in… Read More »

What Kills a Strategic Fundraising Plan?

The perfect fundraising strategy. It’s something that administrators spend months working on until all the right details are in place with the activities, dates, campaign objectives, communication schedules, tactics, and donor-tracking information ready to turn ideas into action. They are the plans you’ll use to get you, step-by-step, to your ultimate fundraising goals. If effective,… Read More »

Use Your Annual Event to Create Long-Term Connections

A well-attended, profitable fundraising event takes time to build—sometimes years go by before it generates a significant portion of an organization’s income. A long-term donor relationship also takes time to develop. Someone who gives to the organization regularly, who anticipates every fundraising event with excitement and loves to get involved is a donor who’s been… Read More »

The Good News and Bad News About Segmenting Donors

Segmenting donors into specific categories is a common practice used by nonprofits as a way to organize, strategize, and economize their funding campaigns. It assists in targeting those specific groups that are most likely to respond to the message they want to deliver. It’s a good strategy if executed correctly, but there is a downside… Read More »

Start Selling Tickets NOW to Secure Big Donors

This is the fifth post in a series about holding your first fundraising event on a short timeline. While Greater Giving usually recommends our nonprofits start planning at least nine months ahead of time, that’s not always possible—so we created The Definitive Guide to Successfully Running Your First Fundraising Auction to help you prioritize your time and resources on… Read More »

Engaging Parents in Procurement

This post is the tenth in a series of posts based on the “Best Practices for School Auctions” whitepaper  from the Greater Giving Fundraising Excellence Series. Each new post covers the unique challenges school auction planners face, and how to overcome those challenges. Read additional articles: School Auctions Series. Putting on an auction is a huge job… Read More »