Fundraising Tips & Tricks

A Focus on Recession-Era Fundraising

“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.” Nonprofit administrators are forced to consider what fundraising in an unforeseen induced economic recession will look like. They’ve already changed their event plans to accommodate the sudden shift to virtual fundraisers. When news of possible longer economic downturns is ahead of us, it’s always a good reminder… Read More »

The Hottest Virtual Fundraising Auction Items, According to Greater Giving’s Auction Experts

Part of our Virtual Fundraising Event and Gala series, view more articles here – Virtual Fundraising Events Every fundraising auction should have a few items that are unexpected or so special they illicit a “WOW” from your audience. Virtual auctions are no different. Bringing in an item that stands out as unique or unexpected will… Read More »

Getting the Most Out of the Media, Before, During, and After a Non-Profit Fundraising Event

Gaining media coverage for a non-profit fundraising event can be difficult but, if done properly, the payoff can be big. Broadcasted exposure reaches thousands of people and strengthens your nonprofit’s image. Below are some tips you can use to make sure you’re getting all you can out of the media coverage you receive before, during,… Read More »

Creating a Press Release for Your Next Non-Profit Fundraising Event

Press releases, once solely given to the press for their publication, can now be repurposed and published on your nonprofit’s website, community calendars, and other websites that might draw viewers interested in attending. If properly written, they can include keywords that will bring a larger audience to your website and increase your search engine rankings… Read More »

Running a Successful Silent Auction | Featured Image

Running a Successful Silent Auction [Infographic]

Silent Auctions are an effective way to engage guests and raise money for any charitable organization. Whether stand-alone or part of a larger event, silent auctions can provide a social environment for guests to support your cause through competitive bidding, donations and an emotional attachment to the good you are doing. Visit our detailed Silent… Read More »

A Twelve-Month Non-Profit Volunteer Strategy

Effective non-profit volunteer strategies don’t begin and end on event night. A twelve-month engagement strategy reflects a nonprofit’s mission, values, and goals. And, over time, your strategy will help refine the processes you need to create a more rewarding experience for everyone who benefits from the knowledge and skills of your volunteers. Instead of viewing… Read More »

An Administrative Approach to Recruiting Non-Profit Volunteers

Volunteers are an invaluable part of a nonprofit’s success. However, the work we expect of them can take their toll in the fast-paced environment of an annual non-profit fundraising event. This can lead to bad experiences for both your volunteers and your donors. Putting policies and procedures in place to combat burnout could be your… Read More »

Types of Events Standards and Diversification

From Galas to golf tournaments, nonprofits have diverse events, some of which have expanded into multiple day extravaganzas. This lively infographic is hand-drawn by Urban Wild Studio at our 2019 Thought Leadership Summit and is the basis for the following article. The content is based on a presentation via Greater Giving team member Tracey leading… Read More »