Streamlining Event Registration | A Client Success Story

Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue Finds Success with Greater Giving’s RSVP Feature

In the realm of nonprofit events, efficient event registration is often a challenge that nonprofits face. The Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue (BGCB) recently conquered this obstacle with a remarkable success story, showcasing how they streamlined their event registration process. This tale is not just about overcoming challenges; it’s about revolutionizing the way nonprofits handle events.

A Fundraiser of Impact BGCB Event

The BGCB hosts an annual Champions for Youth gala, a fundraising event that draws over 300 attendees. Despite the success of the gala, they encountered a common struggle—navigating the labyrinth of gathering guest information before the event. This often led to delays during check-in.

Challenge: Chasing Guest Information

Julie, the Development Associate at BGCB, realized the importance of personalization in guest interaction. She preferred greeting guests by their names and recognized the value of obtaining guest contact information for future donor engagement. However, the traditional method of collecting this information was time-consuming and often resulted in incomplete records by the night of the event.

Greater Giving to the Rescue

BGCB turned to Greater Giving, leveraging both the Event Software and the Online Bidding product to sell tickets online and enhance the overall event experience. One standout feature that proved transformative was the introduction of the RSVP feature.

RSVP Unveiled: A Game-Changer for Event Registration

RSVP, now seamlessly integrated into the Greater Giving online ticket sales platform, creates a unique URL for each ticket purchaser. This URL allowed purchasers to return at their convenience and enter guest contact information. Sponsors and ticket buyers could now complete this task at their own pace.

Time Saved, Energy Preserved

The RSVP feature proved to be a game-changer for BGCB. It significantly reduced the time spent chasing sponsors and table purchasers for guest information. The user-friendly interface made it easy for sponsors to input guest details. This lead to a more comprehensive guest list by the night of the event.

A Smoother Event Registration and Check-In Experience

On event night, guests were surprised to find themselves already on the guest list during registration. With the streamlined process, Julie redirected her focus from repetitive calls to sponsors to the aspects of the event that truly mattered for fundraising.

Post-Event Efficiency: Thank You Letters in a Snap

The benefits of RSVP extended beyond the event night. With a wealth of guest information collected, Julie’s post-event tasks became simple and efficient. Sending out personalized thank you letters to guests became a streamlined process, fostering post-event engagement.

The Path Forward for Nonprofits: Embrace Efficiency with RSVP

The Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue’s success story with Greater Giving’s RSVP feature serves as an inspiration for nonprofits across the United States. For those struggling with similar challenges in event registration, the path forward is clear—embrace efficiency, save time, and enhance donor engagement with innovative solutions like RSVP.

In a landscape where every moment and interaction matter, the Boys & Girls Club’s journey showcases the transformative power of technology in the nonprofit sector.  It’s time to explore and adopt solutions that not only address challenges but elevate the impact of our collective mission. Streamlining event registration is not just a task; it’s a strategic move towards a more impactful and efficient future for nonprofits.

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