How to Streamline Guest Information Management

How to Streamline Guest Information Management

In the past, event organizers spent countless hours chasing down guest information—until Greater Giving’s Guest Information Management RSVP function changed everything.

One of the central tenets of providing a top-notch guest experience is making attendees feel welcomed and appreciated from the outset. One of the best ways to do that? A good guest information management process allows you to know who is coming and have their name on the guest list at check-in.

The Trouble with Guest Information

One of the greatest challenges in the past has been obtaining contact information for all attendees in order to create their guest list at registration, as well as to communicate with attendees prior to the event. They wanted to establish a relationship ahead of time, send out necessary updates, and provide important guest information along the way.

In the past, obtaining guest names required hours of exchanging emails and making phone calls to gather them from sponsors and other ticket buyers—all time that could have been better spent working on the event and offering guests the best experience possible.

Using RSVP Guest Name Management to Streamline Your Process

With the release of Greater Giving’s new RSVP Guest Name Management function organizations can collect the guest information they need to create their guest lists at check-in. With RSVP, sponsors received their own unique URL containing a dashboard where they could enter guest names and contact information on their own time.

Not only does this save organizers tons of working hours, but they are able to gather better attendee data than ever before—and much earlier on in the process. And sponsors no longer felt harangued now that they could provide guest names and guest contact information once they had it.

Focusing on the Event

Instead of making calls over and over, the event management team can spend their time fine-tuning their event and improving the overall guest experience. And with more attendee data, you will be able to customize the fundraiser to your specific audience.

With the help of the RSVP dashboard, Greater Giving Client, The V Foundation for Cancer Research had over 270 people in attendance at their fundraiser. They were able to raise a total of $1.7 million for the cause—40% more than the previous year!

Assistant Director of Event Technology, Patrick C., credits Greater Giving with automating their work tracking down guests and obtaining contact information, allowing him and his team to focus on the atmosphere and the message of The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

A Welcoming and Personalized Experience

With all of their guests now properly included on their guest lists, The V Foundation for Cancer Research was able to welcome everyone into their event by name, so that every single attendee who walked in the door felt like a VIP.

The new RSVP guest information management feature also helped event organizers like Patrick to contact guests in advance of the event and deliver important communications, as well as set expectations and provide useful information. This additional line of communication established a positive relationship ahead of the big fundraiser, allowing guests to focus more on The Foundation’s message once they were there for the big night.

And after the event, The V Foundation for Cancer Research also sent out notes of appreciation to all guests who attended. They were then able to maintain contact with them into the future—expanding their supporter network and opening the door to new donors in the future.

Read the rest of The V Foundation’s client story and learn more about how they used the RSVP feature to raise more money than ever!


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