Client Stories

Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue


Overview: Inspiring Futures for Over 70 Years

Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue (BGCB) has stood as a pillar in the community for more than seven decades. At their recent annual fundraiser, BGCB achieved an outstanding feat by raising an impressive $800,000. Notably, nearly $350,000 of this came from their Fund-A-Need segment, a testament to the community’s strong commitment to BGCB’s mission and impact.

Strategic Partnership with Greater Giving BGCB Event

BGCB’s success was not achieved in isolation but through a strategic partnership with Greater Giving, a platform designed to enhance fundraising events. This collaboration utilized innovative features that streamlined processes and maximized engagement.

Greater Giving Features: Elevating Fundraising Efficiency

1. RSVP Feature: Personalized Engagement

One of the standout features employed by BGCB was Greater Giving’s RSVP function. This tool allowed the organization to collect comprehensive contact information from guests before the event, paving the way for a more personalized and engaging experience.

2. Online Bidding: Extending Reach

The Online Bidding feature was instrumental in expanding BGCB’s reach. By opening the silent auction early, BGCB engaged a wider audience, including off-site bidders, demonstrating adaptability and a commitment to maximizing impact.

3. Giving Board: Catalyst for Generosity

A dynamic element in Greater Giving’s toolkit, the Giving Board, played a crucial role in energizing the fundraising atmosphere. Acting as a catalyst for generosity, it motivated attendees to actively contribute, creating an overall ambiance of giving and excitement.

A Blueprint for Successful and Impactful Fundraising

BGCB’s journey with Greater Giving serves as a blueprint for successful and impactful fundraising. Their story highlights the importance of community engagement, innovative tools, and a commitment to creating meaningful connections. The funds raised ensure that BGCB can continue its vital work for the youth of Bellevue, setting an inspiring example for the nonprofit sector. Download the full client story to read more about Boys and Girls Club of Bellevue (BGCB) and how your can incorporate some of their tips into your next event.