Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Turning Facebook Followers into Event Attendees – Part 1

From hearing about an event, all the way through to registration, your Facebook followers unknowingly begin traveling through a marketing process the moment they click on your event advertisement. It’s a four-step process that has been carefully developed to “Capture, Nurture and Convert” followers, as well as encourage them to “Share” your message, transforming them… Read More »

Promoting Auction Items on Event Night

This information and more comes from our webinar, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Auction Profits. You’ve put a lot of effort into your auction: You’ve procured a select offering of high-quality items, you’ve written stellar descriptions for these auction packages and you’ve pre-promoted your best items ahead of time. Now It’s event night… Read More »

The Self Serve Online Bidding Auction

Nonprofits every day are moving away from old school, pen-and-paper bidding, toward automated software solutions. Online bidding puts guests in charge of their own auction experience: they can browse items from anywhere in the venue, place bids on their mobile devices, or find out what they’ve won—all without needing a volunteer’s help. Online bidding shifts… Read More »

Raise More with Engaging Emails

This post is the first in a series designed to teach the fundamentals of email marketing for nonprofits. These posts are based on the Effective Email Engagement for Nonprofits: The definitive guide to better nonprofit email marketing. Each post focuses on an element of conducting an email marketing campaign, from crafting email to measuring recipient… Read More »

Find the Silent Auction Sweet Spot Part Two

In the first article of this two-part series, we looked at the concept of choice overload and reviewed some of the pros and cons related to small auctions with few biddable items versus large auctions with many items. We learned that because silent auctions are inherently unique events, caution should be taken to avoid a… Read More »

Event Safety can Easily be Overlooked

At the top of every event planner’s mind is the prevention of unexpected emergencies during their big event. Nobody wants to be faced with having to make a last-minute decision that could affect your organization, the venue or, most importantly, your guests. Predicting when an emergency will happen may be out of our control, but… Read More »

How to Handle Breaking News on Event Day

A busted pipe, inclement weather, or maybe a rerouted highway due to road construction; there is always the chance an unfortunate event may suddenly present itself with only moments to go before your big event’s kick-off. Unpredictable and frustrating surprises can set the tone of the evening even before your guests step onto the property…. Read More »