Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Get the Best Deal on Your Next Venue

Every penny counts in fundraising. When it comes to planning an event, with its costs measured against its returns, the stakes are double. Production expenses can vary dramatically depending on the size and theme of your event, and while catering, décor and entertainment may have some wiggle room, your venue budget often won’t share that… Read More »

Plug Into Corporate Giving

Are you looking for effective ways to connect with businesses for fundraising? Today’s business climate is putting an additional set of pressures on corporations, which creates a unique set of opportunities for your nonprofit. Approaching corporations for fundraising purposes is very different from approaching individuals. The motivations are not the same, so the approach, the… Read More »

Tailor-Made Messages for #GivingTuesday

Nothing is more important to your #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign than getting the word out. Messaging to your corporate sponsors, volunteers, staff and especially your donors all require their own unique tone, information and call to action.   Inspire each of these important groups to contribute with these tailor-made tips. Rev Up Your Volunteers Three cheers… Read More »

A Guide to Affordable (and Free!) Technology and Digital Resources For Your Non-Profit

Nonprofits and schools can benefit from technology and digital resources— no matter how small the budget. Important areas like marketing, administrative details, advertising, communications, and event management can be spendy. The good news is that there are many high quality affordable, free or discounted services that can help a nonprofit (or any business for that… Read More »

The Check-out Where Everyone Leaves Happy

This is the third in a series of posts about running a successful fundraising event night, written by event service professionals. Event service professionals help troubleshoot technology, advise on using event software, and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible at auctions. Registration isn’t the only bottleneck point in an event that can leave guests with a… Read More »

Capturing Your Event’s Best Moments Using a Smartphone Camera

In the age of the “selfie,” smartphone cameras have turned novice photographers into amateur photojournalists. With the latest video and photography technology now available on most cell phones, all the tools you need to capture amazing moments are right in the palm of your hand. It’s a fast, inexpensive way to document the moments you… Read More »

Using Food to Set First & Last Impressions at Your Event

First and last impressions matter, especially when asking donors for their support. At a fundraising event guests expect to see the best from your non-profit as soon as they check-in, and during checkout you have one last opportunity to create a positive image of your organization—something that not only affects the outcome of that fundraiser,… Read More »