Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Test-giving: What it Says About Your Donor, What it Says About Your Nonprofit

Test-giving, or under-giving, is a common activity for new donors. First-time donors contribute a small amount, maybe towards a specific project or at an event, then wait to see what response they receive before deciding to contribute again. It’s an effective tactic used by skeptics to learn more about the nonprofit, but it also provides… Read More »

Common Non-profit Board Responsibilities

What is the role of the nonprofit board? What exactly are the non-profit board’s responsibilities? How does the board contribute to a nonprofit’s success? Nonprofits play a valuable role in society, tackling issues not normally addressed by business or government. As such, the public puts a tremendous amount of trust in nonprofit organizations: donating funds… Read More »

Donor-centric Fundraising: Putting the Focus on the Contributors

Focusing on donor relations may seem counterintuitive to nonprofits, however, donor-centric fundraising proves to be one of the most fruitful ways to increase your fundraising capability. Donor-centric fundraising is, at its core, a collaborative approach to raising money. By recognizing the donor’s experience in your communication with them you create a bridge for them to… Read More »

Making Sure Your Committees Are Locked Before Recruiting Volunteers

This post is the fifth in a series of posts based on the “Best Practices for School Auctions” whitepaper from the Greater Giving Fundraising Excellence Series. Each new post covers the unique challenges school auction planners face, and how to overcome those challenges. Read additional articles: School Auctions Series Putting on a school auction is not a trivial… Read More »

Your First Fundraiser: Planning for a Short Timeline

This is the second post in a series about holding your first fundraising event on a short timeline. While Greater Giving usually recommends our nonprofits start planning at least nine months ahead of time, that’s not always possible—so we created The Definitive Guide to Successfully Running Your First Fundraising Auction to help you prioritize your time… Read More »

Perfecting the “Thank You” Call

Converting first-time donors into long-term contributors is a difficult task for every fundraiser. Research has shown that first-time contributors have a considerable drop off rate. Generally citing the nonprofit’s “failure to communicate” as the reason donors lose interest, they begin to doubt about the effectiveness of the work being done and either forget about the… Read More »

Maximizing Fundraising Event Participation Before, During, and After

Getting attendees engaged in event activities is the key to increasing contributions and securing commitments that will support your nonprofit’s work over the long term. Creating an event that delivers your fundraising message while emerging your guests in an all-encompassing experience will develop a deeper level of engagement that encourages giving long after the event… Read More »

Serving Your Best: Fundraising Event Catering and Bartending Best Practices

It’s been said that you win hearts through the stomach. If you’re an event planner you know that the quality of food and drink at a fundraising event can make or break the impression you want for the night. Presentation, taste, theme, and the level of service you offer guests contribute to the evening’s atmosphere… Read More »

Targeted Research for Potential Nonprofit Donors

The search for potential donors is a task that never ends. No matter how big your current donor list is, there’s always a need for more.   Common nonprofit marketing strategies can get the job done, but which tactics bring in long-term contributors? With good, targeted research you will uncover those reliable supporters while creating… Read More »