Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Creating a Fundraising Culture in Your Nonprofit

There are several points during the year when donors expect to interact with a nonprofit they support —the lead up to an event or the conclusion of a major project, for example—but choosing to only be in contact with your donor community during those special moments may be undercutting your efforts to deepen relationships with… Read More »

The Hybrid Fundraising Event

Virtual Events in a Post-COVID Future The onset of COVID-19—and the resulting restrictions on large gatherings—necessitated a very quick pivot away from traditional fundraising galas and in-person events. Nonprofits were presented with a choice: no events at all, or figure out how to hold one virtually so guests could participate from any device, anywhere they… Read More »

Where Are Your Donations Coming From?

Nonprofits are masters at creating new and inventive ways to fundraise every year. For many, that involves a combination of income sources that, together, make up their funding model. A funding model is defined as the methodical and institutionalized approach to bring in revenue to support an organization’s core programs and initiatives. Most funding models… Read More »

Create A Sponsor Packet That Makes Money

This post is the third in a series designed to teach the art of nailing the perfect pitch. “What if you have just 2 minutes with a prospective donor. Are you prepared to #NailYourPitch?” Read additional articles: Nail Your Pitch. After a brief elevator pitch, we don’t always have the time to hold a conversation… Read More »

10 Reasons Donors Give Up on Giving

“Was it something we did?” It’s a question many fundraisers ask themselves when they see donors silently drop off their radar. Of course, there will always be supporters who choose to end the relationship for personal reasons but, if a trend develops it could mean their perception about your organization has changed and it’s a… Read More »

The Virtual Gala in 2021: Tips and Tricks Learned Over the Last Twelve Months

As difficult as last year was for nonprofit event planners, they were able to gain a wealth of information and experience from the sudden and dramatic shift from in-person to virtual galas. They reinvented their yearly strategies, learned new technologies, and reached out to their donor community in new ways. In the end, they found… Read More »

6 Types of Nonprofit Video Messages

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of creating a meaningful message when a nonprofit wants to engage with their donors. With the captivating visuals and persuasive copy that come from the work of a nonprofit, these messages are naturally compelling and have the potential to motivate donors to act. When you add a cinematic touch… Read More »

Ethical Storytelling + Nonprofit Fundraising

Telling one person’s emotionally compelling success story through an appeal video can be the single most powerful way to inspire donors to give generously. There’s even scientific research to back this up! But asking someone, especially someone who is already in a vulnerable situation, to share what is typically a deeply personal and sensitive story… Read More »