Maximizing Fundraising Impact with a Giving Board Display

Maximizing Fundraising Impact with a Giving Board Display

Innovation is key to making events not only successful but memorable. Greater Giving understands this need, and that’s why we’re thrilled to showcase the Giving Board Display – a game-changer for nonprofits looking to elevate their fundraising events. Delve into the features and benefits of the Giving Board Display and explore how it can help your organization raise more funds during fundraising events.

Unveiling the Giving Board Display Giving Board on LED Wall

Elevate Donor Acknowledgement and Sponsorship

The Giving Board Display is a dynamic tool designed to showcase your supporters’ donations in real-time. It goes beyond a mere tally, allowing for personalized donor acknowledgments and the display of sponsor logos. This visual representation adds a compelling layer to your fundraising event, making donors feel appreciated and recognized.

Giving Board Customization for Every Occasion

Whether you’re running an appeal, a fund-a-need, or any fundraising activity, the Giving Board Display is highly customizable. You can choose to showcase a fundraising goal or simply display the total amount of donations. Subsequently, this flexibility ensures that the tool aligns perfectly with the unique objectives of your event.

Seamless Integration with Online Bidding

While the Giving Board Display doesn’t require Online Bidding, it seamlessly integrates with it, offering additional functionalities. The new Revenue Stream option lets you automatically update the Giving Board with the sales of selected packages. This synergy enhances the overall efficiency of your fundraising efforts.

Tools at Your Fingertips Givingboard Display

Gratitude Reel for a Touch of Appreciation

The Gratitude Reel is a standout feature that scrolls supporter names or sponsor logos across the bottom of your display. You have control over which packages are included in the thermometer, the total funds raised, and the scrolling gratitude wheel. By assigning packages to specific sections, you can curate a meaningful and visually engaging experience for your donors.

Strategic Use of the Revenue Stream

The Giving Board Revenue Stream offers a strategic advantage. With the ability to select which package sales update the Giving Board automatically, you can fine-tune the display to reflect the most impactful contributions. This level of control ensures that your fundraising goals remain in focus, driving motivation among donors.

Streamlining Giving Board Donations with Text to Donate

Integration with Project Website and Text to Donate

Additionally, you can include Text to Donate seamlessly on your display by setting up your donation page as part of the Project Website. As donations roll in, use the Import Online Purchases & Registrations feature to effortlessly import and display them in real-time. This creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere during your event.

Live Event Sales Integration with Giving Board Display

For live events, the Giving Board Display integrates smoothly with Go Time’s Enter Sales or Storefront tools. This means that sales of packages selected as part of the Giving Board Revenue Stream can be efficiently added during the event, keeping your display accurate and up-to-date.

Giving Board Display from Greater Giving is a powerful asset for nonprofits aiming to maximize their fundraising impact.

Above all, these features, including customizable displays, integration with Online Bidding, and additional tools like the Gratitude Reel, offer a comprehensive solution for creating engaging and successful fundraising events. By leveraging these tools strategically, nonprofits can elevate their events, boost donor engagement, and ultimately raise more funds for their important causes.

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