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Market Matching Gifts

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Market Matching Gifts

Five Easy Ways to Market Matching Gifts If money is given to a nonprofit but no matching gift appeal is made, the nonprofit will most likely not receive the maximum possible donation. Matching gifts are for fundraising and it’s paramount to inform donors that their contributions can go twice as far with an assist from corporate giving. Marketing… Read More »

Evaluating Event Success

Evaluating Event Success

How to Evaluate Event Success The event is over and guests have gone home. For the sake of your volunteers, donors, organization, and board, it’s time to evaluate your success and discuss opportunities for future event improvement. A solid process of evaluating event success ensures you’ll capture the important details your organization needs to improve its… Read More »

Eventful Events Auction

Guest Post: Creative Fundraising Captures Revenue

Silent auctions, live auctions, and fund-a-need presentations—these are fairly reliable fundraising methods. They are also quite common.  Guests won’t be surprised to encounter them, and subsequently may not be inspired to give. The key to maximizing contributions is thinking creatively about how donors spend their time and money at events. Donors are looking for a… Read More »

LinkedIn For Good

Find and Recruit Volunteers for the Job

To find and recruit volunteers (and skilled ones at that) takes a significant investment of time and effort—so once you acquire that fantastic volunteer, foster a culture of engagement and appreciation to keep that volunteer for life. You know what needs doing at your nonprofit organization, but how do you find the right volunteer for the job? And… Read More »

Raise More with Responsive Design

Computing is becoming increasingly mobile. In fact, analysts predict more tablets will be shipped in 2015 than desktop PCs. More people are using their smartphones and tablets to research information, make connections and transact business (including donating to the causes they love). Donors are accessing websites – and in turn donation pages – increasingly via… Read More »

Keep Donors Happy

Top 5 Donor Experience Trends Webinar

Digitalizing fundraising events with technology on smartphones, tablets, and leaderboards is a trend that’s here to stay. Utilizing technology to increase revenue, while improving the donor experience at events, is more important than ever in today’s fundraising landscape. Join Allie Serious of Seattle Aquarium, and Greater Giving Client Service National Account Manager Sirenna Heckendorn, who… Read More »

Accept Credit Cards

Banishing Auction Check-out Problems: Accept Credit Cards

Banishing Auction Check-out Problems with Sherry Truhlar and Kim Bauman.     A snip-it from the recording: Nonprofits and payment acceptance Sherry:  Kim, describe a typical beginner’s auction checkout. Kim:  A typical first year group accepts checks and cash.  No credit cards. Sherry:  Seems easy.  Why is that a bad set-up? Kim:  The biggest issue is that… Read More »

matching gifts

Double Fundraising with Matching Gifts

Matching gifts is easy for donors and monumentally beneficial to your organization.  A matching gift is a donation made to a nonprofit by a matching donor (e.g., an employer) under the provision that an original donor (e.g., an employee) makes the gift first toward that organization (source). Matching gifts are a huge, untapped source of fundraising for many nonprofits—because they’re an… Read More »