Fundraising Tips & Tricks

4 Ways to Thank Event Night Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of a nonprofit organization. They’re not employees, and they’re not getting a paycheck—they’re only here out of the goodness of their heart. Understandably, it takes time to woo, train, and initiate a new volunteer. So once you’ve done the legwork recruiting him or her, it’s more than worth it to keep them!… Read More »

Step Up Sponsorships with Social Media

Are you finding it harder to procure event sponsors? Do you want to add something new to the mix? When it comes to offering sponsorship value, offering to display a logo in a catalog or on advertising just doesn’t cut it anymore. Nonprofits need to be more flexible and creative with sponsorship opportunities to keep up with… Read More »

Common Event Committee Roles

Would you like to streamline your event planning process? Big fundraising events can be complex, with lots of moving parts and plenty of details to coordinate. Having a clear idea of which roles need to be filled will help you create a top-notch committee with the right people in the right positions. Here is a… Read More »

Free Wheelchair Mission

Free Wheelchair Mission | Greater Giving’s Thought Leadership Summit

Ariel Rigney is the Project and Event Manager for Free Wheelchair Mission in Southern California, which provides free wheelchairs to people in developing countries. We caught up with her at this year’s Thought Leadership Summit, where she shared with us her fundraising challenges and the Greater Giving tools that help her organization succeed. With Greater… Read More »

DIY Booze Bouquet

Flowers are lovely, but they’re not very practical—and for how much money we put into having them at nonprofit events? They’ll shrivel up after a couple of days in a vase on your coffee table, but a booze bouquet is a twist that can provide much more. So this year, try a Booze Bouquet or… Read More »

Guest Post: How Prospect Research Helps You Raise More at Events

Nonprofits do all they can to make the most of their events. They get creative with themes, offer interesting twists on the fundraising standards, and even diversify the way attendees can give. This article aims to give nonprofits another technique to add to the list: prospect research. Prospect research investigates your donor pool, typically looking… Read More »

How To Rethink Your Fundraising Event

Do you wonder if all the hard work that goes into a fundraising event is worth it in the end? We talk with nonprofits all the time who invest tons of hours, dollars and volunteers only to pull off a fundraising event without seeing results. If that sounds like your organization, it may be time to take a hard… Read More »

Sponsorship Opportunities: Tips for Fundraisers

Offering and securing a variety of sponsorship opportunities for a fundraising event can be one of the most important measurements of success. Yet, soliciting and securing sponsorships is one of the most intimidating parts of the job. We often feel nervous making the ask—coming right out and putting a dollar value on our request for support…. Read More »