8 Virtual Event Best Practices

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Are you jumping from a live gala to an online version and not quite sure where to begin? We have put together eight virtual event ideas to get you inspired!


Live events, better engagement

To make the kind of impact that duplicates an in-person fundraiser, it’s important to provide them with a real-time experience. The excitement and sense of community that motivates donors to give can thrive in live chat rooms, online bidding, and giveaways.

Involve professionals

Just as it does for in-person events, it takes a team to produce a successful virtual fundraiser. Involve a qualified team of technology experts, production professionals, administrators, and entertainers. Doing this will present your nonprofit as a professional organization that values the time your donors devote to your fundraiser.

Serialize your fundraisingHow to Host a Successful Virtual Fundraising Event

The time constraints required of a virtual event could mean discarding important points you want to make in your program. Consider creating a series of events that focus on different aspects of your nonprofit’s work and wrap them into a larger series of virtual events that you can continue throughout the year.

Layered storytelling

Effective fundraising relies on telling stories that will tug at your donors’ hearts or prove the logic behind your mission’s goals. Layering those stories with through images, video, and live interaction will make it memorable and provide another perspective for people to better understand why they should donate.

Repurpose content

Use clips and information from your virtual events to promote your nonprofit in both your traditional and digital marketing. Doing this will help your new fundraising model gain more exposure and bring more people to the next event.

Checking in with sponsors

Checking in sponsors as you revise your fundraising plans is important to maintain a strong relationship going forward. Offer ideas for inclusion in the program and work with their representatives to find options for getting their promotional items out to your audience.

Automate the process

Everyone is looking for the simplest way to interact and work online. You can help by working with your advisors to find areas where actions can be automated, both for your team and your donors.

Revise your fundraising model

As we look ahead to the future of fundraising, it’s a general belief that virtual events are here to stay. With that in mind, incorporating virtual events into your annual fundraising plan will give you a strong foundation to reach your annual goals.

Use these best practices to inform your decisions as you plan your next virtual event. What ideas do you have to share?

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