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The Hottest Items to Procure for Online Auctions

Online auctions have opened the door to an effective way for nonprofits to fundraise across virtual and real borders. With software tools that can both manage and process the auctions, auction item contributors and sponsors are fairly represented and donors can safely explore and bid on their favorite choices. This is great news when flexibility… Read More »

Examining Facebook’s Music Copyright Rules

Facebook Live is the preferred broadcasting platform many nonprofits use for their virtual fundraising galas. It’s simple to use and can easily connect you with most of your donor community. But Facebook is strict with copyright rules regarding music and we’ve found three areas that you should be aware of when putting together a presentation…. Read More »

8 Virtual Event Best Practices

Are you jumping from a live gala to an online version and not quite sure where to begin? We have put together eight virtual event ideas to get you inspired!   Live events, better engagement To make the kind of impact that duplicates an in-person fundraiser, it’s important to provide them with a real-time experience…. Read More »

7 Virtual Event Execution Tips

Now that virtual events are more commonplace, rethinking your event execution strategy is an important first step. We’ve compiled seven virtual event ideas that will help you get started! Create a plan designed for virtual events When planning several virtual events, your programs should follow a consistent pattern that can be easily duplicated. Design a… Read More »